Do’s and Don’ts of writing a Statement of Purpose

Few things you should avoid while penning down a Statement of Purpose

Few things you should avoid while penning down a SOP:- Well it requires fair amount of direction and understanding to successfully complete the Statement of Purpose. And most of the grad school applicants end up writing an abrupt SOP. The pressure can be intense as everyone wants to get their application accepted.

So friends we have come into your rescue. Here are 8 important tips for writing a SOP that will help you translate your sense of purpose into acceptance letter.

  • Write a Draft: It’s important to first collect all the points you want to include in your SOP. Begin brainstorming ideas for your SOP weeks before the application deadline. And make sure you write at least one rough draft.
  • Write everything in active voice: Avoid using the passive voice as it will make the SOP lengthy. So use active while penning down the SOP
  • Follow Directions: Anything apart from the guidelines could be a high- risk strategy. So follow all the directions given for writing SOP
  • Continuity is crucial: Continuity in the paragraphs is important and pay special attention to the first paragraph as it will draw maximum interest

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Few things you should avoid while penning down a SOP
Writing SOP
  • Proofread : Once you have written a SOP proofread it because if you misspell a word or misplace a comma, admission officer could leave it there, and might not take any further interest
  • Don’t try to be funny: As you don’t know your audience being funny could be a bad idea. Jargon, slang – Big No as it could spoil your impression
  • Prepare list of topics you are required to cover: Prepare outline of all the topics you are required to cover in the SOP. You can use it while making a draft
  • Use Examples : Do not talk directly, rather use a lot of examples to explain things

Last but not the least, get it read by someone else so that you can figure all the changes your Statement of Purpose requires.

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