Do’s and Don’ts of applying Sunscreen: Your skin needs help!


Is it safe to apply sunscreen on your skin?

The effects of sun exposure are very clear too much of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation leads to sunburns, rapidly aging skin, and potentially skin cancer. The risk is high, right? Generally, most of us use sunscreen to protect our skin, but is it really safe? Lots of people use sunscreens sprays, lotions, and even powders to protect their skin from the worst effects of sun. But what do scientists have to say about sunscreen? Today, we will tell why excessive use of Sunscreen can damage your skin.


Sunscreen is harmful not helpful, here’s why:-

  • Using sunscreen can damage your eyes. If accidentally it goes into your eyes, then you should immediately rinse it off.
  • ‘PABA’ chemical is found in the sunscreen. The use of which can be allergic to the skin. Due to these chemical red colored rashes, swelling may also occur on the skin.
  • Sunscreen can turn facial skin into radiance. It’s better to use non-oiled sunscreen. It will remain fine for the skin.
  • Sunscreen may also cause acne problems on the face. So avoid its excessive use.
  • Many products do not provide enough UVA protection. Some contain hazardous chemicals that relate to a form of vitamin A linked to skin damage.
  • Applying the same sunscreen on both face and body can harm your skin.

A lot of studies have shown that people are misled by label claims about sun protection and as a result, those who use higher SPF sunscreens on their skin are more likely to stay out in the sun longer and more likely to get sun burns.

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