9 O’clock guide: Dos and Don’ts Before 9 AM

Things you should doing and not doing in the morning before 9 AM for a healthy and productive day


Mornings are a blessing for us, as they bring with them, the rays of the sun and a new ray of hope, every day. And with every such ray, there comes a lot of freshness and motivation to think and act afresh. Mornings come with freshness and power and to have the maximum of it, what you all need to do is, start your mornings rightly. While in today’s hassled lives, people have started to forget the perks of getting up early, yet here are a few things that we would like to highlight, that you should be doing and not doing before  9 am.


Dos and Don’ts Before 9 AM



1. Getting up Early

Well, getting up early has its own benefits but we won’t ask you here to get up early to do yoga and meditation, etc. Well, that’s definitely good for you if you can but when you get up early, you get set with the pace of your day. Morning set the pace of your day. Getting early means you are adding more time to your day and hence, you can have a peaceful and no-so-paced morning. It sets the tone of your entire day.


2. Drinking water

Hydrating yourself as and when you get up is really important. A glass of hot lime water will be just perfect to start your day with.


3. Shaking the body

Even the bare minimum will suffice but doing it is important. Getting up and investing some time in exercising/ yoga/ meditation or any other physical activity that you like will be a great practice for your day.


4. Take a healthy bath and a nutritious breakfast

Bathing before 9 AM has its own perks as you get to give a really fresh start to your day. Also, take a bowl full of nutritious breakfast to make the fullest of your day.


5. Read the news on physical sources

Read the newspaper, not on screen but physically. Keeping yourself updated is very important, and when you get up early, you get time to spend reading news properly and absorbing it without letting it become toxic. But just don’t read it on your phone. Take a hardcopy and then read.


6. Set your to-do list

Journal and make a to-do list for the day. Set your priorities for the day and sketch out how your day will look like.




1. Avoid checking your e-mails

Your work mode is not on from right the sun rises. Avoid checking your emails before 9 am and get up as your most mindful self.


2. Don’t start the day with sugar

Avoid taking sugar right in the morning. Sugar is certainly a complex carbohydrate and is not very healthy to it right in the morning. A dash of it in tea, coffee, milk, etc is certainly not very healthy. Avoid having such things. Instead, look for natural sugars like fruit juices and smoothies to start the day with.


3. Don’t pick your phone and use social media

Don’t give your mornings to your phone. Screens, right in the morning can be really harmful to your mind. Hence, make a rule for yourself, No screen before 9 to have a healthy start to the day.

4. Avoid coming in contact with toxic and dramatic people

The mornings should be as positive as possible. And we all know who are those not so healthy and dramatic people in our lives. Try to not come in their contact right in the morning. Make peace with yourself for the healthiest mornings.

So, these are the DOs and DON’Ts you all must follow so as to have a healthy and peaceful morning. Stay healthy and happy.


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