9 Oclock Guide: DOs and DON’Ts after 9 PM

Things you should do and not do after 9 PM


The number 9 is really a crucial number I think. I believe that it certainly gives us all a sense of change, that ‘it’s 9 already’ is an alert for the day. Well, where 9 is such a crucial time for our day, it is very important for us all to define what we can do before and after 9 o’clock at the clock. The time between 9 AM and 9 PM is certainly the most crucial time of the day. After all, you work the maximum in this hour. But we just can’t say, the cycle of 9 PM to 9 AM is not equally important because it is, more than important as your body needs rest and peace to do what it should be doing the next morning.

So, as you know, we have already given a detailed guide of DOs and DON’Ts before 9 AM, which was about how you should be starting your day, here are the DOs and DON’Ts after 9 PM so as to make a healthy and happy routine.


After 9 AM is the time that is likely to be your ‘ME-TIME’. So, all that you do in this hour is for you and for your personal life, with friends and family. Some things that you can prefer doing post 9 PM are as follows.


Read a book in real, ‘A real Book’

Reading before bedtime is a really crucial and enjoyable thing to do. Although initially, it might take some time for you to settle in with the habit of reading you will really enjoy it as soon as you will get a hang of it. Both books here don’t mean e-books. Read a hard copy.



Journaling is a habit that can help you know yourself. Post 9 PM, it is the time that you should be investing in yourself and there can’t be an any better way to spend some time with yourself, to write what all did you do in the entire day and what all is going in your mind.


Practice meditation and spirituality

Another practice of keeping yourself in a mentally healthy space is to practice meditation and spirituality. It allows you to be in a peaceful state of mind before you go to bed.


Spend time with friends and family

Well, as this is your personal space, only the people who belong to your personal life, your family, and close friends should be allowed to cherish this time with you. A lighter conversation with your family, your children or a walk with friends is something you should not miss upon.


Self Love, invest in body and skincare

Many people skip up on investing time in physical health. Spend time to form a healthy body, a healthy mind, and good skin. Give time to yourself for your skincare, wash it, massage it, oil your hair, and do whatever makes your skin feel healthy and lively.



Just sleep. It is not important to do something after 9 PM. If you feel like sleeping after 9, don’t force yourself to no to sleep. Enjoy a sound sleep for a happy and healthy morning.


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Make a rule for yourself, ‘NO WORK AFTER 9 PM’. Of course, you will have to in very critical situations, but don’t make a habit for yourself, of working and entertaining work even after 9 PM.



Looking at what has been floating on news channels these days, the only and only advice here is just not allow something as negative as news to be with you after 9 PM. For a mentally healthy and sound mind, you need peace after 9 PM.


Avoid the screens

Well, screens can really affect your eyes and brain and post 9, you should really not interact with the screen you have been interacting with the whole day. So, avoid them.


No Coffee after 9

Drinking coffee after nine may obviously make you not have the sleep at the required hour of the day, and post 9 is the time when you should actually be ready for the bed. So, yes, ‘NO COFFEE AFTER 9 PM)

So, these are all the DOs and DON’Ts you should keep in your mind for your post 9 PM schedule. Follow them and enjoy the mindful days and nights.


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