Don’t waste your hair

When we talk about what ruins our hair the most, possible answers will be colour, heat or getting them smoothened or rebonded. But these unexpected badass offenders destroy our hair more often than we believe. Here’s three things we feel ruin your hair the most:

∙ Going to bed with wet hair: Sorry ladies. But you can’t just wash those strands and expect them not to break even with the slightest turn you take during the night. Our hair are most fragile when wet, so don’t go to bed straight out of a wash.

cutting own hair

∙ Under Conditioning: What do you want to save that conditioner you love for? Sometimes people tend to under nourish or put less amount of conditioner on their hair which in turn leads to dry hair and over time breakage. So squeeze that conditioner bottle right up!

∙ Switching up the style: Suddenly getting short spiky strands at the crown or nape will not allow your hair to adjust to their style and growth. So give them some time till they’re grown enough to change.

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