Don’t just work on your CV; work on your social profile too!

Did you know your social profile plays a vital role when it comes to grabbing a job?

Do you know apart from your CV’s, your social profile too play a very crucial part in your job career? Well, if you are wondering why managers would bother to look at your LinkedIn profile, then trust me you are on a wrong track. Managers do bother about it. It has been found that 93% of hiring managers look at social media profiles before deciding whether or not to hire someone. Whether you like it or not, social media does play a big role in the hiring process.

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Here is a complete guide for you, just go through it once:

Which social networks matter most?

Let’s say you only have a limited amount of time to work on getting your social media profiles up to scratch. There has been some handy research from Jobvite which gives us all the details on how recruiters use social media.

LinkedIn. 79% of recruiters have hired using LinkedIn. It’s used throughout the process – to search for, get in touch with, and vet candidates. So, get your profile updated on it.

Facebook. 26% of recruiters have hired through Facebook, and two thirds use it to vet candidates before interviews. We all have the one FB account.

Twitter. Only 14% of recruiters said they had hired using Twitter, and it’s used less than Facebook for vetting.

So, if you only have time to optimize one of your social media profiles, make it LinkedIn. Always be careful and do not upload anything that is inappropriate.

How to optimize your profiles?

1. Avoid these things on your Facebook profile

Information on volunteering you have done. 65% of recruiters like this. News relevant to the industry you are looking to enter. Achievements at your previous job. Keep it free from any offensive material.

2. Avoid these things on Twitter profile

All of the above advice applies to Twitter as well as Facebook, so it is pretty easy to optimize both profiles at once. If you are particularly keen for employers to see your Twitter profile – maybe you have got lots of great content relevant to your industry, or thousands of followers – then there are ways to increase discover ability.

Always use the same profile picture as on other social networks. Use the same handle or username. Link your Twitter account to your other social media pages.

3. Avoid these things on LinkedIn

LinkedIn – it is the ultimate place to get hired, so you want to get your profile just right. Be professional with it. Choose a professional profile picture – not a snap taken on a night out.Keep your job history up-to-date, and avoid leaving any gaps. Update your education section with clear descriptions, highlighting how your qualifications make you perfect for the job you want. Connect, connect, connect. The more connections you have, the more likely recruiters are to find you. Follow relevant companies.

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