Donald Trump takes a U-turn with increasing taxes for the rich


Donald Trump has said that his package for across the border tax reductions is meant to serve as a starting point in negotiations with Congress. He mentioned that there can be a rise for the upper income households if needed to win the cuts for the middle class.

When asked about impact on the high income people like himself, he said that he feels they can pay some more if they want to do something, and he does not mind in paying more and he also made it clear that he does not have any illusions that Congress would pass it as it is.


Donald Trump/ American Politician

Mr. Trump seemed to be unclear about how far was he willing to negotiate on his tax plan, but he understand the need for the protection of the middle class.

Trump has been reluctant to release his tax returns and he made this remark when pressed to clarify his shifting comments on his stands on the minimum wage and tax burden.

Last week during an interview with CNBC he showed his priority towards protecting the tax cuts for the middle class, that he wasn’t a huge fan on the way tax cuts in his own plan was disturbed and also see some rate rise in a negotiation.