Donald Trump disowned ex-butler after his post for Obama’s murder

Donald Trump with his former butler Anthony Senecal

United States Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has recently disclaimed his former butler Anthony Senecal, after he posted on social media that he wants President Barack Obama to be killed.

           Donald Trump with his former butler Anthony Senecal
Donald Trump with his former butler Anthony Senecal


Senecal, who has served as a butler to Trump for 17 years wrote in a Facebook post that Obama should be taken out by their military and should be shot as an enemy agent in his first term.

But when approached Senecal he said that he don’t care about hanging or shooting, either ways he want him to be hung from the portico of the white house or as he called it a white mosque. He also mentioned that he is fed up of Obama.

However Trump’s campaign has disowned the “horrible statements,” and said that yes he has worked for Trump but do not take responsibility of the ex-butler’s comment.

Not only this post but Senecal has written a dozen of provocative post against Obama on Facebook. He has also targeted Clinton by calling her a “lying b—-” and referring her as “Killery.”

Seneca has met Trump about a month ago and has appreciated him for his successful presidential campaign.

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