Dogs too have sleepless nights due to over thinking: Study

Over thinking might affect your pet too: Revealed a study

Well, Overthinking is not limited to human being only. It can affect animals too and here in this context we are going to talk about dogs. In those not-so-rare nights when any and every possible thought spins in our heads and disrupts our sleep, we often tend to think that animals have it easy. Well, next time you have such a thought, include dogs to your self- circle as well.

Adorable dogs

Study reveals dogs over thinks that lead to sleepless nights!

According to a new study published by The Royal Society scientific journal, dozing off does not come easy to our four-legged furry friends either. Their mind too goes with lot of other things while thinking about their problems. Dogs are emotional and manipulative animals. The researchers studied the sleeping patterns of sixteen adult dogs after they had positive emotional experiences such as being caressed and called a ‘good boy’, and negative emotional experiences like being approached by a stranger.

Much like us having a hard time falling asleep being due to issues, dogs too had a disturbed sleep after the negative experiences. On the contrary, positive experiences resulted in a peaceful good-night’s sleep. Sleeping on our bad experiences as a quick-fix is not just our thing, dogs do it too. The study highlighted that a negative day put them to sleep faster, just like us humans in an attempt to escape the complications life throws at us.

So if you have this adorable animal as a pet, then don’t forget to give them all positive experience. Notably, negative experience may trigger over thinking in animals that can lead to sleepless nights. Always observe your pets!

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