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‘SHAMEFUL’: Dog brutally beaten by a Police Personnel, painful video will leave you in tears!

Facebook Post Shows a Dog brutally beaten by a Police Personnel: When will the ordeal of the Voiceless end?

Highlights : 

  • Dog Brutally beaten in North East Delhi
  • Animal Abuse and Horrific Incidents 
  • Why can’t we love animals, they way they love us

A Facebook User shared a painful video on her wall where a dog can be seen unconscious. According to the post and people talking in the background, he was brutally beaten by a Police Personnel of North East Delhi. The Police Personnel who has been identified allegedly as ASI Ravindra, tortured the dog and left him dying at the spot.  Notably, local people of the area shot the video and it was later shared by a user on Facebook.

Cruelty against animals in Delhi is not new, several cruelty cases have been reported earlier as well. From brutally beating to raping innocent animals, humanity in India has altogether hit a new low. A lot of times, cruelty cases are reported from Delhi, the question is – Why does Delhi hate animals? If the Police behave in such a way, what can we expect from common people?  Why is there so much rage and why can’t humans love animals, the way they love us. We strongly condemn the incident and want Delhi Police to take strict action against the person seen in the video.

Watch the Video here:

Why do People hate Animals? Is Violence a Solution?

According to people talking in the background of the video, Police Personnel feared that the dog might bite him. But is violence a solution? Is it fair to beat a voiceless creature mercilessly out of fear? We strongly condemn such incidents and request Delhi Police to take strict action against the man involved. No one is allowed to take law in his or her hands, and power should be used to help others, especially animals. Talking about the violence against animals in India, cases have increased during the pandemic.  As per the survey conducted by the Mars Petcare India in the year 2021, around 80 million cats, dogs are either living in the streets or in animal shelters in India. Not only cruelty, India is also among the top countries when it comes to abandoning pets.  According to the same survey, India scored 2.5 out of 10 when it comes to abandoning pets.

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Horrors of Animal Abuse will leave you shocked!

Shockingly, India is a country where worshiping animals is a part of Culture. Notably, many cruelty cases in India go unreported and they are mostly related to dogs, cats, horses and livestock such as cows, buffaloes and goats.  A report by Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations and All Creatures Great and Small revealed that in the last 10 years over 5 Lakh animals were brutally abused by humans. Yes you read it right – 5 Lacs.  Be it raping a dog, beating a stray animal to death or killing pregnant elephant with crackers just for fun, we humans have lost all humanity.  The above incident is the case of intentional cruelty where the alleged police officer tortured the dog. Well, the dog is now getting treatment in the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre.  After watching the painful video we spoke to Niharika Kashyap, Advocate and Animal Activist, she said, “I am speechless. I am just waiting for the concerned department to register an FIR or else I will approach the court for the same. I will do my best to make sure that this doesn’t get repeated and people do not misuse their powers.”

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Animal Lovers are threatened too and we need strict laws!

Everytime we report such incidents, we always say that we need strict laws and we need to make people learn compassion. We have seen many cases where animal lovers are threatened and tortured as well. In that case, it is important that we seriously address animal cruelty. There are many NGOs and People who are working for the welfare of the animals but we need to teach compassion right from the beginning. Apart from it, strict laws should be implemented so that such heinous crimes donot happen again.


Such incidents are a gentle reminder that we are a society of frustrated people. At a time when all should be helping each other, we can’t even be kind to our fellow creatures. Let’s not forget that Earth is meant to be shared and it’s time that we should look within. Talking about laws, we definitely need stricter laws so that animals feel safe around humans.

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