Let your heart talk: Why it is important to pen down your feelings?

Top 5 reasons why you should write what you feel! 

Penning down your feelings is an only remedy from all your pain and despair. This is really effective. Writing down your feelings have a lot of therapeutic properties but it is usually very difficult to convince ourselves to sit down and start writing our feelings. People are unable to decide when they should start writing. Guys, here are five amazing benefits of writing down your feelings that will definitely give you the motivation to start.

Here, we go!

1. It Helps you understand your feelings: Sometimes when we feel low we ourselves are unable to find a reason. We are absolutely clueless that why we are even going through such feelings. Here, penning down your feelings will actually give you an insight of your inner self. You will easily find the reason of sudden emptiness, and hence, can work on it to improve it.

2. Makes you feel lighter: Writing helps you to express yourself in complete confidentiality, thus helping you to let go of things and feel lighter.

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3. Reduces negativity: Feeling low often cultivates negativity in one’s head. Writing helps you to understand that negativity so that you can work on it and feel happier.

4. Helps you to feel connected: When you write down how you feel, it helps you to connect with your inner voice and you feel more grounded as well.

5. Stops you from overthinking: Just a small shift in your mood can put you in the completely different headspace. When you write you make your feelings more tangible and thus, don’t get lost in the weird zone by overthinking them.

Making writing your habit can make your life easy and simple. The more you write, the more expressive you will become.

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Radhika Srivastava

She loves to express her feelings via her write -ups! She is a young passionate writer who brings unusual ideas to explore the world.
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