Does ‘size’ matter in love?

10 serious struggle of dating a taller boy!

Well, when we fall for some we definitely do not match our heights, our choices or our dressing sense, isn’t? Love is beyond this. It is the best feeling of the world. Well, dating a tall guy definitely has its perks, you can wear the highest heels you can find, and nothing is out of reach when he is nearby. But dating a guy, who is taller than you, can have serious consequences on your relationship. So, here are some challenges you have to face if you are dating a taller guy!

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  1. Kissing requires skills: Yes, it’s pretty much difficult to kiss a taller guy. It can ruin the best moments of your relationship and sometimes you land up to embarrassing moments. Well, you cannot use a ladder to kiss him every time.
  2. 2. Getting a decent photo together is not your cup of tea: Due to a huge difference in your heights getting decent pictures together is really difficult. You can only stick to selfies.
  3. A hug is all about uplifting: When you hug him, you look like a tiny kid trying to hug a giant teddy bear! Because there is no way you can put your arms around his neck comfortably. So, you just end up wrapping them around his chest.
  4. Wearing his clothes gives you ‘blanket like feeling’: Wearing his clothes can look absolutely hilarious on you. There is no such thing as “boyfriend jeans” or “wearing his shirt to look casual and cute.” His shirts become blanket on you. But its okay, you just wear them as nightgowns.
  5. You kind of feel like a little kid sometimes: Having someone to reach the high-up spots comes in handy. Having to ask for help every time you need to reach the chocolate stash can give you serious childhood. You feel like a kid in front of him.

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  1. Walking with him is literally running: Yes, that’s right! It’s almost impossible to match his big athletic footsteps. At a time you will find that you are literally running to match his steps. Phewww!
  2.  Heels will become your best friend: Throughout, your relationship heels become your lifesaver! When you date a tall guy heels are not your choice but your need. Just to match his height you have to wear heels all the time.
  3. You have negative legroom: Airplanes, buses, restaurants…boyfriend’s super-sized legs are going to take up whatever space you have to spare. Of course, you won’t protest. You’re generous like that.
    Love is in the air
  4. People will always comment on your height difference: Get used to hearing short and tall jokes, getting nicknames, and being asked to stand directly next to each other so people can get another look at the height difference.
  5. Slow dancing…err, no: His forearms kind of dangle over your shoulders and your arms wrap around his waist like a two-year-old—because that’s not weird.

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