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Does Pushpam Priya Choudhary has any chance of making it to playoffs?

Can Pushpam Priya do the unexpected and become the CM of Bihar?


With the political battle already raging up in Bihar after the successful completion of first phase of the election, incumbent Chief Minister and Janata Dal (United) president Nitish Kumar, RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav and LJP’s Chirag Paswan, JAP’s Pappu Yadav are facing a new competitor.

The latest entrant in the race of becoming the CM of Bihar is Pushpam Priya Choudhary, a London-return candidate who had announced her political outfit Plurals Party’s ‘arrival’, and her aspirations of becoming the CM of the state via Twitter and full-page ads in leading newspapers. She is the daughter of Janata Dal-United MLC Vinod Chaudhary.

Pushpam Priya has made a decent amount of mark in the ongoing Bihar elections. People are talking about her at several locations. Although, very few think that she would be able to save her own seat. Roushan Nilay, a resident of Bihar said, “It would be a big achievement if she saves even her own seat. I don’t think that her party is going to win any seat in the election. The only gain via this election is that people would know her.”

The advertisement which attracted many eyeballs way back in March, featured Pushpam Priya with a caption ‘Bihar deserves better, and better is possible.’ The tagline of her party says ‘Everyone Governs’.

Promises of Pushpam Choudhary

Plurals Party chief Pushpam Priya Choudhary in her manifesto has promised 80 lakh jobs to the people if she is voted into power. She says that she will establish the practices of “Rajdharma” where everyone will be treated with dignity. The 33-year-old leader has also shared a master plan for the development of Bihar in the next 10 years. If voted to power, she claims to divide state into 8 development zones- Vaishali, Patliputra, Champaran, Ang, Magadh, Kaimur, Mithila, Kaimur and Kaushiki.

In her election document, she claimed that all the 38 districts of the state will be connected with an eight-lane expressway and an eight-lane goods transport corridor. The Plurals Party also claims to develop eight global tourism hub to promote tourism in the state.

In the agriculture sector, she promises to bring new mechanism of “Minimum Sale Price” and will give agriculture the status of industry. Pushpam will replace the existing Minimum Support Price system by promising a good profit for the farmers.

She said that agriculture will be given the status of an industry and promised a guaranteed loan to farmers.

In all the development zones, she has promised to set up a specific economic zone and an industrial zone. Rivers like Ganga, Mahananda, Kosi, Sone, Falgu and Bagmati will be interlinked. All the zones would have an irrigation and a flood system.

Pushpam Priya Choudhary said that her government will open the ‘State of the Art Education” centres in availed basic infrastructure. Model schools, model libraries, model sports complex, model bus shade, model stadium, model bus shade, model park or community centres will be set up.

Pushpam Priya promises to empower women as she has promised a job to one woman each in the BPL family. If voted to power, the government will construct a 3-room flat for every BPL family. These people will also be given free ration, free education and free medical treatment.

The Plurals party chief has promised to remove the ban on liquor but she will make sure that domestic violence is dealt with firm hands. For women security, she has promised to install CCTV cameras at every corner.


Do promises of Pushpam Priya creates a chance for her?

There is no doubt that her promises are way too much to take, especially looking at the revenue of Bihar government. Although she claims to work out the economics of Bihar and make it like Europe, her promises do not look believable for the people who struggle to earn even Rs 100 per day. Pushpam Priya might have gained popularity amongst some classes banking on her clean, educated, strong woman image, but she needs to penetrate the chemistry and arithmetic of Bihar politics. Whatever, she has talked so far, can earn her seats in some other country or even in a more-educated state, but in Bihar, where people vote looking at the surname of the candidate and not the qualifications, her vision and approach fall short.

Although she could get a head start by making a name in the politics of Bihar and then till the next  2025 election, sh can continue to be amongst the masses, connect with them.  She might have a chance in 2025 then. In 2020, like many are saying, we won’t be surprised if she loses her own constituency. There is no question on wining from other seats.

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