Do you still keep an eye on your ex?

Bitter truth but we all Google our ex in our leisure time. So do you also keep an eye on your ex?

Relationship is a beautiful feeling that cannot be expressed through words and breakups are heart breaking. Is it that easy to come out of a broken or unsuccessful relationship? You may act like a normal person but we bet even after a painful separation majority of us keep an eye on our ex. We continuously check their last seen on WhatsApp or we browse through their Facebook profile etc. So do you also keep an eye on your ex?

Are you still keeping an eye on him or her
Are you still keeping an eye on him or her

Thanks to social media for making it possible. We all do that. We spend hours’ googling an ex and browsing their Facebook and Twitter pages. It is nothing unusual most of us end up googling a love interest when we have got a bit of time in our hands. We all experience that weird thought when we sit down and wonder what our exes are doing.

Don’t be ashamed of it

There is nothing wrong in it. Of course, everyone needs time to come out of broken relationship. It is a time when we are suffering from dramatic nostalgia. The main reason why we do this because we want to know what is happening in their life post breakup. Don’t we all google some old flame of ours hoping we could know something more about them? It’s painfully exciting, when you type your ex’s name and watch in horror that there are twelve thousand pages with the same name. But well, you trim the search down and finally it drops at three hundred and twenty. And your heart misses a beat each time you think you have found the right person. Don’t waste your entire day on doing this because this might make you cyber stalker.

Online world

So are you obsessed of them?
So are you obsessed of them?

If your ex is already added into your friend list then no need to do such a big task just with a click you can find all the personal information about your ex. You might found his post breakup posts that could be heart melting. But it’s better to move on. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible. So, if you are doing the same slowly and steadily just get out of it. Live your own space for a sometime.

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