Do you know why Asian People are the first choice of Foreign Countries?

Here is Reason why are Asian People often picked up by Foreign Countries

We are often hired by an international company, and with all excitement, joy and hope we head towards our work destination. But have you ever wondered why these international companies hire more Asian People.

If a person is offered a package of say 10-15 lakhs p.a. he considers it outstanding and happily agrees to leave his own country to settle in abroad, but question arises why do these companies agree to pay you more than your current salary in your own country?

Do you know why Asian People are the first choice of Foreign Countries?
Asians working Abroad

Here is the Reason

According to a survey, companies hire more of Asian people because they are cheaper to hire than their own countrymen.

Since the companies will have to pay the locals according to the market rates, they prefer hiring Asians whom they make “underpayments,” a deliberate strategy aimed at maximizing Global profits.

Hiring more of Asian people can also be termed as a business strategy, for say a Chinese restaurant in America, which is owned by an American actually has all Chinese people working in it. It is mainly because they know how to speak their language, make food and moreover make the restaurants environment attractive due to the Chinese culture they present or hold in it.

Owning a Chinese restaurant does not mean that one will have to learn their culture, style of making the food etc. Instead one will just prefer to employee those who already know this.

In a business one is legally allowed to hire certain kind of people if it is necessary for his or her business.

Recently the percentage of Asian tech workers grew from 39 percent in 2000 to more than 50 percent in 2010 in Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo and San Francisco counties combined together, according to Census Bureau statistics.

At the same time, where white employees ruled over more than 50 percent of tech jobs in 2000 fell to almost 41 percent.

Yolanda Lewis, president and CEO of the Black Economic Council, Oakland said “tech companies refuse to employ Americans, they are more and more of Asian people, importing labor from overseas.”

Lewis says that increasing number of Asians in the international market is probably because the young people “are raised with a strong knowledge of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) background” and are going entering the high tech places with full force and confidence.”

Most the time an Asian is not aware of the workplace rights and is suppressed by his/her boss or the employer, but it is important for an employer to know that foreign nationals, just as much as the companies countrymen, are supposed to get full wages for the work done by them.

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