Do you know the significance of your dreams?

We all see dreams it can be day dreaming as well guys! According to psychology, feelings or emotions that we keep on repressing become our dreams.

Different dreams can have different meanings and we have come up with those meanings guys. Just have a look:-

1. Dreaming about a loved one dying

As terrible as it sounds, it might actually be a good thing. Death signifies, literally the death of something that you are going through, something that has been bothering you.

2. Dreaming about stumbling into a new room or a completely new setting. This dream indicates that you are slowly recognizing your hidden talents.


Dream Interpretation

3. Dreaming about teeth falling out

As common and as dreadful as this type of dream is, it is actually quite harmless like most dreams are. Teeth falling out symbolizes that you are scared of something in real life and your confidence levels have dropped to a new low, without you even realizing it.

4. Dreaming about falling

If you have a dream about falling and your leg gets shaken it means that you are trying very hard to control some aspect of your life and you are afraid that you might lose control over it.

5. Dreaming about being naked in public

Or, for that matter, not fully-clothed, leaving you feeling exposed in some manner.

7. Dreaming about flying

It means you want a break from something, you want to be free and fly like a bird.

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