Do you know the health benefits of Hibiscus leaves?

Health Benefits of Hibiscus leaves : An important constitute in Ayurvedic medicines

Commonly found flower in India, Hibiscus is generally used as an offering to the Gods. Hibiscus is also used for cosmetic and medical purposes since ancient time in India. It is an important constituent in many ayurvedic medicines as well. The plant looks ordinary but has extraordinary health benefits for humans. Every part of the plant has good health benefits. Here are few health benefits of Hibiscus leaves.

Hibiscus leaves are good for health as they contain many vital nutrients and minerals required by us. They can either be consumed or used externally. Hibiscus can be used directly.

 health benefits of Hibiscus leaves
Hibiscus flower

Some prominent benefits of Hibiscus leaves are:

1. Treats tuberculosis and lung diseases

Hibiscus leaves helps in curing tuberculosis. TB or tuberculosis is a disease that causes persistent cough and can affect the respiratory health of the patient, resulting in their death. By processing hibiscus leaves, a TB patient is likely to recover.

2. Treating tonsils

The tonsils are one of the glands located around your throat. When the tonsils swell they cause pain and soreness in the throat and make it difficult for a person to swallow food. To treat the sore throat one can use hibiscus leaves. The trick is very easy. Just boil the hibiscus leaves and drink that boiled water on a regular basis.

 health benefits of Hibiscus leaves
Hibiscus leaf
3. Curing Colitis

Inflammatory bowel disease is a condition in which the bowel gets injured or infected; causing inflammation which can affect the digestion process, this also often causes stomach pain. Hibiscus leaves can treat this inflammation of the intestines. For this you just have to eat the bud of these leaves.

4. Stops bleeding

Hibiscus leaves can stop the bleeding as well, either inside or outside the body.

For this you can boil the hibiscus leaves and drink that boiled water. For wounds outside the body, you can chop these leaves, and make a paste and apply this paste on the injured part of your body.

5. Nourishing Hair

Hibiscus leaves help in nourishing your hair. In addition, they can also help in preventing hair loss, along with strengthening hair roots.

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