Do you know the essence Pushkar Holi Mela?


Pushkar Holi Mela has a wonderful history: Do you know it? 

Someone said very right that India is a very colorful country and so its festivals. Holi is a festival which is full of colors, sweets, and a lot of fun.  In India, the festivals are full of cultural elements and traditions, but Diwali and Holi are the massive ones. People all around the world, especially Indians start preparing for this great day of gaiety and celebrations as the month of Holi arrives.

Pushkar Holi Mela

People from all over the world come to Vrindavan, Mathura in India since its famous for its Holi celebrations. Celebrating Holi in Vrindavan has become a cliché. Whereas visiting Pushkar can give you some new experiences to offer.

During Holi time you can find Pushkar’s ambiance is more than just colors, Pushkar is full blown electronic music party right in the middle of the town. What you have to do is just to jive in on the heavy beats of electronic music and feel free and dance madly. You can find a palette of colors exploding in air from the hands of thousands of people.

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You will find people covered in blue, pink, green, red and yellow colors irrespective of their caste, color, and creed. It’s like a rainbow.

There is no judging, there’s only laughing, jumping, smearing, spraying and splashing each other with dry or wet colors. You can experience Holi in a new traditional way.

It’s all about music, dancing, flying colors, happy people, smiles and well wishes for a happy Holi. You will get everything there and it will make your Holi even more colorful.

How to reach Pushkar? 

You can take a train till Ajmer. From Ajmer bus station, you can take the bus until Pushkar.

If you are going by flight you have to take a flight till Jaipur, and from Jaipur, you can take a bus or cab until Pushkar.

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