Do you know, men can also have PMS kind of mood swings. Know here how that feels like?

Irritable Male Syndrome, The PMS that men face

Did your guy ever ghost you with behaviours that you generally possess before or after your periods? Yes, we are talking about your Premenstrual syndrome, where your emotional cycle remains just out of your control and you get your spell of mood swings, bloating and irritability. Did your guy ever possess the same symptoms? Well, if yes, then maybe they are in their PMS phase. Okay, I am kidding, but yes, men can also have PMS like sensations and that is called Irritable Male Syndrome.


What is Irritable Male Syndrome?

Irritable male syndrome (IMS) can be linked to biochemical changes, hormonal variability, tension, and lack of male identity. It is a condition that can be characterized by the hypersensitivity, anger, anxiety, and rage that arises in males.

Also yes, you remember finding old men to be grumpy, that behaviour has a direct link to the IMS. IMS is also referred to as andropause (just like in menopause in the females). This the time when men undergo major physical and emotional changes because of the hormonal changes. The condition can really reflect upon the relationship. And the most difficult part is identifying the symptoms of the syndrome as most often, male behaviours are not linked to hormones. Hence, to tackle it, it is important to know the symptoms of the same.


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The basic symptoms of it can look like –


– Irritability
– Depression and lower self-confidence
– difficulty sleeping and decreased energy, trouble focusing
– Hard time losing weight and healing from exercise
– Hormonal changes leading to reduced sex drive or erectile dysfunction
– Moodiness


What causes Irritable Male Syndrome

The  Irritable Male Syndrome is directly associated with the amounts of testosterone that remains in the body. Testosterone, that is the male reproductive hormone is responsible for effecting other features in the male body including the physical features like muscle mass and body hair and features like confidence, energy and sex drive too. And these features certainly reflect upon the relationship and your emotional understanding with your partner.


What can you do to deal with the IMS?

Well, the first step is obviously to acknowledge the symptoms, there is definitely a lifestyle that is healthy for your body and should be followed by you. Like PMS can be controlled through changes in lifestyle, so can the IMS.


– Managing weight is an important thing to ensure.
– Should be mindful of diseases like diabetes and heart disease
– Maintaining the healthy sleep cycle
– Eating a healthy diet
– Avoiding foods that are high in fat and added sugars
– Limit alcohol consumption
– Exercising regularly


Remember, your mental health is as important as your physical health. And, IMS can not just affect both but your relationship as well. If you identify yourself in such a condition, try to firstly acknowledge that condition and then work out a solution for the same. Check with your therapist if needed. Also, for any troubles in the relationships due to IMS, you can also go for couple counsellings.


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