Do you know love is like a drug?

We keep on writing poems and articles to explain how the feeling of being in love is? Though, it is itself a feeling and people often fail to express what all goes in their mind and heart, when they are in love.

Do you know science can tell some amazing facts about love that will surely surprise you? Yes, science!

So, here is the list:

  • Love is like a drug:  A study says, being in love can make you feel like that you are high on cocaine because love and cocaine both triggers same feeling that is ‘Europhia’
  • Heart breaks:  They do happen in reality because feeling of being cheated an betrayed can cause chest pain that is called ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’.
  • Opposites do attract:  Two people who are completely different from each other  makes more happier couple as they have more things to learn from each other.

Do you know love is like a drug?

  • Proximity is a big factor:  You are more likely to fall for someone, who you see on daily basis such as your batch mate, office mate.
  • Guys are mostly attracted to girls who often look like his mother that is what we call sexual imprinting.

So, if you feel high on drugs after seeing your crush or love that is common my friend.

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