Do you know how to schedule e-mails on Gmail?

Parul Srivastava

10 easy steps to schedule e-mails on Gmail

There are times when we actually want to shoot an email to our colleague but we think that it is not an appropriate time to send it. Recently, on the 15thbirthday of G-mail, Google announced the feature of the scheduling of an e-mail along with three other features.  Now, you can send an E-mail as per your convenience. You can compose it in advance and can schedule it as per your wish.

Here is how you can schedule e-mails on Gmail:

  1. Open your web Browser and go to Gmail
  2. Login into your account with your email ID and password
  3. Once you have logged in your account, click on compose on the left top corner of the window
  4. The ‘New Message’ a window will get open. Write your email and enter the email address of the recipient
  5. Instead of clicking the send button, click on down arrow icon placed next to it.
  6. Click on schedule send
  7. Once you click on the schedule send option. Three possible options will pop up for you to select for sending the e-mail
  8. If the options of preselected time don’t include the time that you were looking for, then you need to click on ‘Pick date & time’
  9. When you will click on that option, it will take you to the calendar from where you can choose suitable time & date
  10. The sender can choose from up to 10 days since the day they are composing the e-mail

Once the e-mail will get scheduled, it will appear in the ‘Scheduled’ the section on the left corner. If you want to cancel it, then you do it.  If you will cancel it, the email will get open in a message window that could be saved in drafts.

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