Do you have Leftie Friend? Here Are some tips to know her better!

Things You Would Relate To If You Are Friends With A Leftie!

Three cheers to all the left handed humans out there. Do you know there is a specific day to celebrate the joy of being let – handed? Now, if right handed people are thinking about this discrimination, then let me acknowledge them that the percentage of the Left Handed people in the world is just 10%, and you won’t believe their struggles.

Proud left handed

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Some Tips to handle a leftie:

  • From scissors, guitars to impossible to use tin openers, lefties struggle is real. And nest time when you find your left handed friend having struggle in opening a can or cutting papers, help them instead of calling them imperfect.
  • Playing cards is a confusing experience with them because lefties hand will cover the numbers on the card.
  • If they are sitting with you and their elbow is bumping with yours, don’t get frustrated, it’s not their fault. Take it easy.
  • They are more prone to allergic and migraines so if next time they fall ill, don’t tell them to work on their immune system because they already know it.
  • They also considered as the sharp brain people because they use their right brain more. Next time when you are in a debate or a fight on anything, be sure with your facts and information because they knock your lights out with their brain power.
  • If you are friends with a leftie, be sure to give a pen in their left hand because it annoys them a lot.
  • There is this one thing about left handed people that they are undoubtedly grappling the world with right handed people, very nicely.

You Rock Lefties!

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