Do You Believe in Sensational Miracles?

Experience God’s Power in Your Life

Be honest and say it loud to yourself, how many times you check your zodiac sign articles that are published on a daily basis. How many people really are expecting a sensational miracle in their lives? How does people find money appear in certain places? How does someone transform into spirit?


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People from ancient time have been the same as we are today. We all do believe in miracles and looking for something miraculous to happen all the time. The Bible says that Jesus did a lot of miracles. So let’s take a little time to see the miracles happening around us.

Take a look at yourself into the mirror. Did you know that you are the finest creations of God in the world? Feel your breathe. Feel your heartbeat and think about your capacity to learn languages, maths, science and other things. Think about your capacity to create. Each second, thousands of miracles are happening within you.

Faith in God

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If something comes to you once and then keeps coming back to you and you feel a leading toward it, there is a strong chance that Spirit is leading you to that area. You shouldn’t follow everything even don’t think much about whatever you are watching around you, you should only trust on what is you are hearing and watching is all God.

The word of knowledge will come to you as much as you trust it. You may hear God’s voice, you may feel an anointing, and you may also feel the pain or the sensation of your own body. God wants to heal people, so miracle happens.

Don’t wait for miracles; each moment is a miracle. Your whole life is actually a miracle. All you want to do to believe in God and pray for a miracle. Most of the miracles are instant because you have to develop your faith for God.

Disclaimer : We are not questioning anybody’s believes.

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