DNA Samples taken from the relatives of the Egypt Air victims

Egyptian forensics officials on Tuesday collected DNA from the relatives of Egypt Air MS804 victims in order to identify body parts recovered from the Mediterranean, as officials hunt for clues in the mysterious plane crash.

 (Egypt Air plane, Egypt)
(Egypt Air plane, Egypt)


The search operation for the Airbus A320’s two black boxes is still on, as officials try to seek an answer as to why the plane came down early on Thursday, with almost 66 people on board.

French and Egyptian aviation officials said that it is too soon to comment on what caused the dreadful disaster.

France’s aviation safety agency said that the aircraft transmitted automated messages indicating heavy smoke in the cabin and a fault in the Flight Control Unit before the contact was lost.

“We will send all the available data from the flight, including the voice recordings to Egypt within days” said Athanasios Binis, Greece’s lead air accident investigator.

Finding the remains of victims and the black boxes are the priorities as families hold funeral services in Cairo to mourn their beloveds, without being able to bury their bodies.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that a submersible that can operate at 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) below sea level was positioned from the oil ministry on Sunday to hunt the black boxes. Specialized French equipments will also be deployed in the search.

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