Divya Spandana, social media head of Congress deletes her twitter account


Divya Spandana’s account reads “This account doesn’t exist”

Social Media head of Congress, Divya Spandana seems to have deleted her Twitter account.  She has deleted her account two days after she congratulated Nirmala Sitharaman for becoming the New Finance Minister of India. Her account now reads “This account doesn’t exist”.

Congress media hasn’t communicated in this matter

There has been no official announcement from the Congress regarding this matter. This comes after Congress barred their spokesperson to take part in any TV debates show. Spandana who is also an actress is credited for turning around things for Congress presence on Social Media.  

First Rahul Gandhi and now Ramya, Something is cooking..

Congress seems to be on a verge of change. Firstly Rahul Gandhi’s resignation incident and now their social media’s head deleting her account. It is still unclear if she has been sacked by the Congress for their poor performance in recent IPL. Congress saw a humiliating defeat in 17th Lok Sabha Elections where they could grab only 52 seats out of 543.

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Divya Spandana is a Kannada actress who joined Congress in 2012 and became social media head in 2017

Spandana also known as Ramya, primarily worked in Kannada film Industry before joining the  Congress. Some of her hit movies are ‘Amirthdhare’, ‘Tananam Tananam’, and ‘Sanju Weds Geetha’. She joined Congress in 2012 as a member of its youth wing.  She has also been MP for Mandya constituency in Karnataka. She was made the head of Congress Social media team in May 2017 and is credited from Media in reviving the digital presence of Indian National Congress.

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