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How are people reacting to the climate activist Disha Ravi’s arrest? Here is why they find the police at fault

Who is Disha Ravi? Is the 22-year-old activist really a threat to the establishment?

Another day, another example of bigotry blooming in the air. What harm can a 22-year-old climate activist bring by helping formulate a toolkit and sharing it on social media? And further, the toolkit was being used by the climate activist, Greeta Thunberg who has obviously been in news recently for interfering in the national matters of the country. Well, keeping that aside, Ravi was then arrested by the cyber unit from her house in North Bengaluru with the allegations of sharing the toolkit on her social media related to the farmers’ protest, which they say is against the law and aims to suggest opening up trade in agriculture.


What is this toolkit document about?

A toolkit is essentially a term given to a document that has all the relevant information about any topic, petition, mass agitation, etc. Disha Ravi also created a toolkit for the same purpose in the light of the ongoing farm protest. The toolkit continues, evidently, to outline the condition of farmers in India and to discuss the Centre’s latest agricultural legislation and Disha was a part of the group that drafted it. She did closely administered the sharing and propagation of the toolkit too. The police speculate Ravi and other members who drafted the document have connections with Khalistani Poetic Justice Foundation. The police also mention that the toolkit has sections that ask for digital strikes through hashtags on January 26th, and Twitter from January 23 onwards.


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This morning, the Delhi Chief Minister, Mr Arvind Kejriwal tweeted about the activist calling her arrest, an unprecedented attack on democracy.



Why are people calling the police wrong?

Disha, on Saturday, was picked up from her house in Soladevanahalli where she lives with her mother and was told that she is being taken for questioning and the next information came was that Disha is taken to Delhi and is reportedly arrested, reports The Hindu.


The members of the civil society have strongly condemned the Duty Magistrate of the Patiala House court of New Delhi who remanded her for five days custody without her being represented by the council. The questions are that why didn’t the magistrate, as per law waited for the accused to have counsel or didn’t depute another counsel to her for the case. Was issuing the remand against her in the absence of counsel, right?





More about Disha


Ms Disha, an ex-student at Mount Carmel College, was one of the co-founders of Fridays For Future (FFF), India, an initiative led by Ms Greeta Thunberg. According to Outlook India’s report, Disha comes from a farming background, hence, her concern for the environment and climate change comes naturally to her.


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