‘Dilli Ka Swayamvar’

 ‘Dilli Ka Swayamvar’

The much awaited day has come, on 7th of February the people of Delhi will finally cast their vote and choose their Chief Minister after one year of presidential rule. Just a few hours are left for voting when it will be finally decided that who will win Delhi in the Vidhan Sabha elections.

With statements of war issued by all the parties, every political leader has pulled their socks up and is leaving no stone unturned to win the elections.People of Delhi have already decided that they would vote only for those who can solve their grass root problems.There is a neck and neck competition between AAP and BJP though, congress is also confident that they will get significant seats. Being an aware voter and citizen you should go and vote for the deserving candidate tomorrow.


Delhi Debates

So, these elections, don’t just tweet and upload your status on Facebook, rather go and get yourself inked and be a responsible citizen of Delhi. Your one vote can make a big difference as it is not just your right rather it’s your duty that you should definitely exercise.

‘Dilli Ka Swayamvar’

Results will be out on 10th ofFebruary and then, the people of Delhi will welcome their new CM. Every party has made so many promises that it will be interesting to see whether they will be kept or not. For that we have to wait till the results come. Let us see who will win the throne of Delhi, as it will soon come into the picture; till then be a wise voter and do your part by casting your vote.

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