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‘Dil Ki Suno’: Why you should often listen to your heart?

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Dil Ki Suno to make your life beautiful 

Well, nobody likes to live a life full of regrets but a lot of times we end up having a lot of regrets in life. The reasons can vary from person to person. The so-called millennial world is full of fake people and that’s why we often don’t listen to our heart. And people who follow their heart are often considered emotional fools.  Majority of people are stuck between their heart and mind.   But is “Dil Ki Sunana” a good idea?  So, should we often follow our heart? Well, it is a debatable issue and different people have different opinions on it.

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Here are 6 reasons why listening to your heart is a good idea:

  •  When you follow your heart there are fewer regrets: When you follow your heart, there are fewer regrets. Well, things will always not go in your favor, at least we will know that we tried. One should learn to trust his or her instincts.
  • You get to know who you really are and what really matters to you: When we follow our hearts, we ask tough questions to ourselves, and then, we get to know what really matters to us. At that time, we might get to know ourselves on a level that we never have before.
  •  It makes you a stronger person and allows you to forgive yourself and others:  When you follow your heart, you become a strong person. And strong people know how to forgive themselves and others.

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  • It makes you more lovable and adorable: Pretty face may not help you to earn respect but a beautiful does. So when someone follows his or her heart, the person becomes more lovable because of his/her honesty.
  • Heart tells you to go with the flow: Your heart will always tell you to go with the flow. Following your heart in every situation will make you  little more empathetic
  • Listen to your heart because it knows your true desire: Your heart knows your true desires that are why it is important to listen to your heart. You will able to fulfil your genuine desires.
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