Love wearing bracelets, know 12 Common Types of Bracelets Based on Style

Bracelet a category with unlimited design options and they can be categorized in 12 common types.

For most people, bracelets are ornamental accessories worn on the wrist. But if you get technical, the term applies to those worn on the upper arm as well, which most know as an armband.

The bracelet is a broad category with unlimited design options, but they can be categorized into these common types:

1. Bangle Bracelets

These bracelets are thin circular, have a rigid structure, and do not have a clasp or an opening. To wear one, you would have to slide it through your hand and onto your wrist. Because of this design feature, bangles are loose. Bangles can be ornate or straightforward and can be worn in combinations. A single but broader bangle can also be worn.

2. Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are similar to bangles, except that they have a slight opening. They can be made of metals like gold and silver, but leather is also used. They also come in a more extensive size range. Thinner cuffs are more conservative and suitable for daily use with a regular outfit. Broader cuffs can give the wearer a bold, confident look.

3. Chain or Link Bracelets

This type of bracelet is usually made of metal loops linked together, giving it a look that is similar to a chain. It is very versatile in terms of design options. It can also be worn on any occasion, depending on the type and size of the chain. Unlike the previous types, these bracelets have a clasp that you can lock or unlock when wearing or taking them off.

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4. Tennis Bracelets

The tennis bracelet has an intricate chain inlaid with gemstones throughout its circumference. It is the best option for more formal occasions. This begs the question of why something as delicate and sophisticated as this jewelry is called a tennis bracelet. The term became popular when Chris Evert, a famous tennis player in the seventies and eighties, started wearing a diamond bracelet during matches.

5. Charm Bracelets

Thousands of years ago, people used to wear talismans or “charms” to drive away evil spirits or bad luck. These ominous accessories evolved over the years into the charm bracelets of today. These have keepsakes instead of charms attached to a simple chain with a clasp.

6. Beaded Bracelets

A beaded bracelet or armband gives the wearer a more eclectic look. It consists of beads made from an unlimited array of materials such as plastic, wood, glass, or gemstones, all strung together by a stiff or elastic strand. Depending on the material used, it can be worn during regular days or for formal occasions.

7. Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets are similar to beaded bracelets except that pearl is used as material. They are very popular among women who love traditional but elegant-looking jewellery. It’s natural hue makes it suitable for any outfit and occasion.

8. Friendship Bracelets

These are decorative and colorful bracelets popular among the younger generation, given between friends to symbolize their bond or relationship. It became popular during the 1970s when anti-war sentiments were spread by hippie culture.

9. Designer Bracelets

True to the stereotype of designer products, this type of bracelet is generally expensive and classy. They are high-end pieces made from rare and expensive materials of the best quality, such as gold, platinum, and diamond. Aside from the material, the production of these bracelets is also upscale. They are usually custom-made by a famous designer, which is another reason for its prohibitive price tag.

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10. Slider Bracelets

It can be difficult for some people to work the clasp of a bracelet with the one free hand. For them, a slider bracelet is a great option. Instead of a clasp, it has a “slider” that can easily be moved to adjust the bracelet before wearing or taking off.

11. Hololith Bracelets

Hololith bracelets are very similar to bangle bracelets, except that they are carved from one solid piece of gemstone. Jades are a popular choice of material, especially in Asian countries.

12. Multi-Strand Bracelets

This type of bracelet is another alternative to wearing a combination of several bangle bracelets in one arm. It consists of several strands of metal or other materials connected by a single clasp. Each strand may be inlaid with beads, gemstones, or other accessories.

There are so many styles and types of bracelets or armbands that it is virtually impossible to categorize them all. But these are among the most common styles in the market today. As technology evolves and the industry develops, more styles will emerge, giving people even more options to choose from.

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