What is the Difference between a Penthouse, Duplex, Villa, and an Apartment?

Understanding the difference between a Penthouse, Duplex, Villa, and an apartment

When we talk about a luxury house, the elements worth considering are space, exquisite amenities, privacy, exclusivity, breath-taking views, and comfort that is unparalleled. In crowded cities like Mumbai, a luxury house can be a tricky proposition as the city has space-related issues. However, there is a huge demand for luxury houses in this city because of the concentration of elite population. Some of the offerings for luxurious residential properties are penthouses, duplex house, luxury villas, and apartments.

Listed below are the explanations of the four aforementioned housing properties and the major differences of these properties.


A penthouse is a dwelling space on the topmost floor of a building. The topmost floor of a building is the most luxurious offering and is coveted by rich and classy customers. Penthousesscore an edge over other apartments in the building because of exclusive features and an element of splendor. Originally, the term penthouse refers to a small separate house constructed on the roof of an apartment or building. Penthouses are mainly found in high-rise buildings.

Advantages of investing in a penthouse

Penthouses allow you to enjoy a lifestyle that is contemporary and replete with all the luxuries. A luxury penthouse is a sprawling apartment, which allows you maximum space, comfortable living, and privacy. If you want to own a personal ‘Jacuzzi’ and enjoy the best view of your city, a luxury penthouse is a perfect choice for you. Even though a penthouse is located in the bustling areas of the city, it has a unique sense of serenity.


A duplex house is a type of residential unit wherein two the apartments are set in the same building with two separate entrances leading to two different houses. Actually, the duplex house plan is for a single-family home, which is built across two floors having a kitchen or dining. Many builders also change the layout of the duplex apartment to cater to various customers. The duplex symbolizes stylish living with an element of comfort. You can get the feel of living in an independent house while enjoying the benefits of an apartment. The benefits of staying in a duplex include:


The house plan for duplex comes with exclusive amenities and large spaces that might include open courtyards or gardens. Some duplex-houses also have in-built garages. When you get so many facilities in a single dwelling unit, there is no need to access the common areas of the apartment and you can enjoy complete privacy.

The best option for extended families

A duplex house is an ideal setting when living with your extended families. In India, as the joint family culture is still prevalent, duplex apartments are in huge demand. A duplex allows you to experience the joys of staying together while maintaining your privacy and space.


Duplexes are relatively affordable

Duplex apartments are a more affordable option than bungalows and luxury villas. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of an exclusive house at a rate that is much lower than the villas. In cities like Mumbai where space is a constraint, it is wise to invest in duplexes if you wish to enjoy high-end amenities with a comparatively larger space than apartments.

Opportunity for additional income

A duplex apartment is ideal if you want to earn additional income through rent. If you have a small family and have enough spare space, you can rent out space to another family or to a commercial entity as an office space. Many times, if you can furnish both the units of the duplex as a separate house each, with a separate kitchen and bedroom, it increases the resale value of the flat.

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Villas are standalone houses built on predetermined plots. Villas luxurious properties, which have their own gardens, swimming pools, lawns, and terrace gardens, among other amenities. Many times, villas are also a part of gated communities. When a villa is a part of a builder’s project, then the residents of the community share the amenities. One of the main features of the villa projects is that it offers limited units so that the complex has exclusivity and doesn’t become overcrowded.

Villas are fundamentally different from a duplex. The duplex flat is the dwelling unit for a single family and it has a single kitchen and living room but at two separate stories. On the other hand, the villa is typically a living space on a single floor. In terms of area, luxury villas have a larger space; however, a duplex has more floors.

Advantages of investing in a villa

A luxury Villa offers huge space and complete freedom to use that space as per your own convenience. Whether you want to extend your dining area, create a playhouse for your kids, refurnish your bedroom, or revamp your patio, a luxury villa allows you to live your life the way you want.


Apartments are a residential unit in a multi-home property generally on a single story. However, they are used as a holistic term wherein penthouses, duplexes and sometimes villas are also a part of apartments. An apartment can have configurations like 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4BHK, or 5 BHK. The benefits of residing in apartments are amenities such as gymnasium, clubhouse, swimming pool, lobby, kids’lay areas, and landscaped gardens. These amenities are usually shared by all the apartment dwellers.

Advantages of investing in apartments

Being comparatively smaller units and from a limited ticket size, it is more fast-moving and offers a better return on investment. Luxury residential properties have a premium value. Hence, more people would like to own it themselves. However, apartments have an opportunity to earn rental income and create a smooth cash flow.
In the case of apartments, you can enjoy a number of benefits without having to worry about day-to-day hassles of maintenance and security of the residential property.

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