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Did you know, India is still under British rule! Read Foolproof before Being a Fool

Here is Foolproof of fake news that went viral from the Kisne feka section


  • India is still under British rule!
  • Will an Indian Movie Bag Prestigious Palme d’Or?
  • Muslims pelted stones in Rajasthan!

From Cannes Film festival 2022 to fake facts about India, here is Foolproof of fake news that went viral from the Kisne feka section.

India is still under British rule!

Kisne feka: A message has gone viral on WhatsApp claiming that India still pays money to Britain and is still under British rule through laws and has not attained complete freedom.

The viral message reads, “Do we know that ₹10 billion pensions from our country go to Queen Elizabeth every year? After all, what is that secret agreement which has not been disclosed to date? After all, what is such a secret agreement under which 30,000 tonnes of beef is given to Britain every year? The President of India cannot even change the Articles 366, 371, 372, and 395 of the Indian Constitution, even the Parliament of India, the Prime Minister. Have you ever questioned why India appoints Ambassadors in countries like Japan, China, and Russia, but Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Canada, and Australia appoint High Commissioners (High Commissioner) in these countries? Why is that? After all, why 54 countries, including India, are known as Commonwealth Countries, and why not as Independent Nations? (Commonwealth means joint property) Do you know that under the British Nationality Act 1948, every Indian is a British subject? Does Queen Elizabeth still enslave us?

Foolproof: The viral claim is false. There are no such reports, official records, or media about India paying any money to Britain.

Foolproof:  The export of beef has been on the rise though it is prohibited in India and despite the increased cow vigilance in the country. According to Money Control, India exports carabeef, or buffalo meat, to many countries, not just Britain, and exports were valued at $3.17 billion in 2020-21. There was no secret agreement, and these exports had been going on for a long time.

The right to amend any Article in the Indian constitution lies only with the Parliament and not with the President or Prime Minister. The amendment can only begin initiation by introducing a Bill in any of the 3 Houses of Parliament, and this applies to all Articles, without exception.

Will an Indian Movie Bag Prestigious Palme D’Or?

Fake news: There are many discourses around the Cannes Film Festival 2022 and the selection of films, especially in India. Many believed that Madhavan’s ‘Rocketry’ was competing for the Grand Prize, the Palme d’Or. Dainik Bhaskar’s story claimed that India was the ‘Country of Honour’ at the festival, and New Indian wrote an article which implies that 6 Indian films were in the race to win the Palme d’Or. The Executive editor of the New Indian tweeted out the article with this headline: “India @ Cannes: Will an Indian Movie Bag Prestigious Palme d’Or?”

Foolproof: The viral claim is false. The Cannes Film Festival & Cannes Film Market, or Marche du Film, are different. The Film Market is the business counterpart of the Film Festival. Any filmmaker, or government, can pay to rent a theatre in the Market and screen their movie there. The film gets international exposure and the right to say that it was screened at Cannes. However, they are not in the official selection.

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According to the official website of Festival de Cannes, the only Indian films that are a part of the official selection by the Selection Committee at the main Film Festival this year in other categories are ‘Nauha’ in the La Cinef category, ‘Star Fruits’ in the Cannes la Fabrique Cinema event, ‘All That Breathes’ in the Special Screenings category and ‘Pratiwandi’ & ‘Thampu’ in the Cannes Classics category. However, no Indian film is being screened for the Palme D’or or officially competing in the main event.

Muslims pelted stones in Rajasthan!

Kisne Feka: A video of a group of men pelting stones at police officers is going viral across social media. While targeting the Muslim community, the captions of the viral video claim that this is another instance of communal conflict in Dholpur, Rajasthan. This comes after the recent communal clashes in Jodhpur and Karauli.

Foolproof: The mob, which pelted stones, was enraged due to the allegations of assault on a man in police custody. The man belonged to the Hindu community. However, the man’s relatives, Krishna, and the Dholpur police have different versions of the events.

According to the report on Dainik Bhaskar, a man identified as Krishna was absconding in the case of attempted sexual assault on his younger brother Ashok’s wife, Moti alias Rajni, 3-month ago. Krishna reached the Bari Kotwali police station in an inebriated state to surrender himself. As soon as he got to the police station, he verbally abused the police officers. The police then took him to Bari Hospital for medical treatment. No communal angle was involved in this case. Hence, the viral claim is false.

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