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Detox Your Mind In 5 Steps

Here are 5 suggested ways to get these feelings out that will help you to detox your mind.

Many of us love eating good food. As fancy as the platter may look and as delicious they may be, they get digested once they enter into our system. The body needs to dirt out the unwanted waste in a day. Failing to do so can cause illness. There is nothing in the world that could quench our thirst more and make us feel more refreshed than water. Yet if the body doesn’t throw that water out in a couple of hours, that retained water can be the cause of illness.

Similarly, the air we breathe in can be held for no more than a few minutes, and if it is not thrown out, we may die.

Isn’t this theory true for our negative feelings as well?

Emotional hurt, grudges, jealousy, the feeling of hatred, revenge, anger, and many such aggressive emotions can make our minds toxic. 

Furthermore, we continue to hold such feelings in our systems. Hence, only leading to so many psychological and consequently physical disorders. The body has a system to remove unwanted food, water, or air without us even being aware of it.

However, we wish there were an automatic arrangement that could throw negative feelings and emotions out as well. But that is not how it works with the mind. We have to consciously and constantly work on purging these toxic emotions out of our inner system.

Here are 5 suggested ways to get these feelings out that will help you to detox your mind. 

1.Think positive

We all know that positive thoughts lead to positive feelings and in turn, leads to positive actions. And positive actions always lead to the right results. Such is the importance of thought in our life. Whenever you focus on something, ask this question, is it really worth your time?

If the answer is NO, then just move on. Consume your mind with some right intentions and you will get back the same. We all agree that around 90% of us wake up to our mobile phones, why cannot we replace them by waking up to some more motivational and inspirational video, podcast or message.

2.Write your feeling down on a paper and discard it

Detox Your Mind
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Write down your feelings on a piece of paper and tear them into or burn it into ashes. This practice doesn’t necessarily solve your problem but allows us to express ourselves and release the negative energy at least temporarily.

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3.Protect your energy

We are all here with a finite amount of energy. It is so important that we use it appropriately. We all have to set up healthy boundaries for ourselves. Meditation can help you to understand what kind of energy you are attracting to and what you have to put off. 

Negative people and situations can drain out. Be extremely selective especially within social media. One of the biggest illnesses of our generation is “scrolling”. This is itself a classic way to drain our energy out.

4.Open your heart and confide in someone close 

Detox Your Mind
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Pour out your heart and confide in someone close and trustworthy. Sharing our feelings can not only reduce the heaviness we feel, but we may also receive support and guidance to deal with pessimism.

5.Adopting a spiritual practice 

Detox Your Mind
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The most powerful, of course, is adopting a spiritual practice that can help us cleanse our consciousness and give us the inner strength to fight these tendencies.

Always remember this is not the glass of water, which is only a couple of grams in weight that hurts our hands. It is the duration for which we hold it. The quicker we keep it down the better it is for us.

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