Determine Your Life Insurance Need with Online Term ‘Insurance Calculators’

Life Insurance need is just a click away- Just type Insurance Calculators

After you are gone, you would want your loved ones to receive enough funds to support them for years until they are financially independent to take care of themselves. It’s a responsible move to ensure that your family doesn’t end up needful. For that purpose, ‘Term Insurance’ could be helpful in replacing your “financial value” to your loved ones. It is one of the simplest insurances that you can buy. You can just type Insurance calculators to determine your life insurance. However, the job of purchasing the right term plan can be baffling. A potential policy seeker needs to weigh many factors like rates for the insurance plan, policy term, sum assured and more. Additionally, it is challenging to determine exactly how much life cover should be enough for your requirements.

Insurance Calculator

Using the Term Insurance Calculator to Make the Math Simple

With so many insurance companies providing similar term plans, it becomes difficult to make the right choice. Apart from picking up the right term plan, one also needs to know the amount they must shell out on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. A tool known as ‘Term Insurance Calculator’ can simplify all such queries.

Life insurance companies like Future Generali provide term insurance calculators on their websites which helps you compute your premium amounts for the insurance plan. These calculators allow you to play around with the sum assured and see how the premiums vary. Thus, you get the accurate estimation of the life cover you require, so that your family can benefit the most from it. However, before using the calculator, it is crucial to comprehend the amount of coverage you would require.

To determine the adequate sum assured, it is vital to base your calculations on the following factors:

  • Your and your spouse’s age
  • Average monthly living cost, including utility bills and inflation amount
  • House mortgage, credit card debt or other loans that you are still paying
  • Funds required for the education of your children

Usage of The Tool

Inputting your information in term insurance calculator and generating your premium quote will not take more than few seconds. Follow these three simple steps while using the premium calculator:

Step 1: Input Your Personal Details

Start by inputting your personal details such as date of birth, gender, smoking habits, annual income etc. These days many insurers also include a question regarding your marital status.

An Illustration:

Policy Seeker’s Details Description
Name Nitin Rajput
Age 28
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 6th, 1990
Annual Income Rs. 5,00,000
Smoker/Non-Smoker Non-Smoker


Step 2: Select the Sum Assured and the Policy Term

Once all the personal details are filled, enter the sum assured you feel would hold good for your future and also the duration for which you want the term plan.

Sum Assured Rs. 1 crore
Policy Term 30 years
Premium Frequency Annual


Step 3: Generate the Quote

On the click of a button, the term insurance calculator would return the quote for the insurance premium. If you like what you see, go ahead and buy the term plan. If not, you can change your input parameters and see how the premium fluctuates.

Total Premium Payable Annually Rs. 7027
Total Premium Payable Monthly Rs. 627

 Benefits of Using Term Insurance Calculator:


The online term insurance calculators make the process of calculating how much life cover you need very simple. You just need to complete a few simple inputs, and the insurance calculator does the rest for you.

Put simply; the calculator helps to figure out how much your loved ones need to sustain their current level of spending once you are no longer present to support them. The process may seem overwhelming at first, but just follow the prompts built into the term insurance calculator, and it will easily solve the problem for you.

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