Event Alert: Dessert Bazaar Highlights

India’s biggest desserts-only festival

 Evenings with chocolate covered pastries or cupcakes covered with dry fruits or jalebi with finger licking rabri. A place which is just filled with brownies, biscuits, tarts and many other mouth-watering desserts.  The place is a full package of eateries for every age group. The unique thing about the event was that it had chocolate kinds of stuff for the dogs and cats too. The place invited peeps along with their pets to make the evening perfect.

Dessert Bazaar Highlights
Dessert Bazaar Highlights

There were a few different kinds of desserts that we got to see in the event-

Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart with Rum

As Simple As Pie has some extraordinary varieties in the flavor of the desert, as the ingredients were not only limited to chocolate, dry fruits or icing but alcohol. Whether it’s their Gin and Tonic cake with that citrusy flavor or their Rum Ganache tart, they tasted stupendous.

Cheshire Blondie Desire

It is a low-calorie dessert by Mad Batter, filled with chocolate and topped with a mousse that is extremely light and sublime.

Irish Coffee Bonbons

It is formed with the combination of classic flavors of Baileys and chocolate by Chocolat Shokunin’s. This dessert persuaded its customers to come to their tent again and again.

Dessert Bazaar Higlight

Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cake

Talking about the desserts, how can we forget to mention a truffle cake? Moist dark chocolate cake layered with Belgian chocolate ganache and topped with fudge crumbs of Heaven Cakery and Deli is just a way of paying a visit to heaven.

Brownies made with Belgian Chocolate

Chez Papillon’s variety of brownies, whether it’s a chocolate walnut, chocolate chip or chili chocolate, everything is made with Belgian chocolate. How about eating a brownie which melts in the mouth?

 The place is a weekend worth! Whether you are with friends or family or just alone and want to explore the place or even with your dog, you can definitely go to this place to treat your sweet tooth. There are different varieties of chocolate desserts for the pets too. For our little munchkins, there was a mickey mouse. There were competitions too. In short, the place was complete in itself.

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