Despite a successful career, is Kapil Sharma depressed?

Kapil Sharma

King of Comedy is depressed these days

Kapil Sharma is known for the TRP of his show. He was in headlines due to his fight with Sunil Grover. Now, once again Kapil Sharma is being highlighted for his health concerns. Fans are tensed because he had fainted three times on the show recently.

Everyone is scared to know if he is suffering from some serious illness. Along with all this, his sister’s information has given more tension and shocked everyone. Kapil Sharma’s sister has given a statement saying that he is suffering from depression. The question raised in the minds of fans is that despite being successful in his career, what could be the reasons for his depression?

Kapil Sharma

Performance pressure

Kapil Sharma left colors channel due to some conflicts and while starting with Sony, they signed a deal worth crores regarding the TRP. With Sony, Kapil attracted everyone and was in the news but the show was not as successful as Comedy Nights with Kapil. Kapil Sharma was in pressure since the start of The Kapil Sharma Show in 2016.

The TRP of the show went down as the year passed. With this, the pressure of performance raised on him. According to the sources, Sony may not extend its contract with Kapil Sharma. Sudden failure can make anyone depress.

Image getting worse

Not only the TRP is declining, but Kapil Sharma’s comedy punches are also getting worse. Moreover, disputes are not leaving Kapil’s hands these days. Then, with his fight with Sunil Grover, it was realized that he is getting overconfident and arrogant. Through all this, his image and reputation is at stake. He has got this fame with a lot of struggle and the tension regarding his reputation could be harmful.

Lost his friends

The friends, with whom Kapil Sharma had started his show, have left him. After the fight with Sunil Grover, many of his mates have maintained a distance from him. Not only Sunil Grover but Ali Asagar, Chandan Prabhakar and his closed ones have left the show.

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