Depression is Deadly: It’s not easy to get out of it

Depression is Deadly: Here is why it is not easy to let it go

Most of us feel depressed at times. Everyone has a different reason behind depression. It can be a normal reaction to loss, tussle in life or an injured self –esteem. Normal sadness is okay, but if your sadness last for many days, then it could be a sign of severe depression. When feelings of intense sadness takes over you – including helpless, hopeless, and worthless, it’s a matter of concern because ‘Depression is Deadly’. Now –a –days the world is full of insecurities that’s why depression has become really common amongst us. Today, youngsters are easy prey of depression. It easily gets on to them, and make them sick for a long time.

Depression, it’s not easy to get out of it
Depression, it’s not easy to get out of it

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Nobody can accurately define Depression

The truth is that nobody in this world can pen down the feelings of a depressed person. Once you are struck by depression, it takes time, actually a lot of time to get out of it. Do you know what depression is? It is the feeling when you actually want to stay in bed, just want to cry, and want to get rid of all those who disturbs you.

It takes a lot of time to come out of it
It takes a lot of time to come out of it

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Depression is when people say- It’s been so long just get over it, and this phrase hardly makes any difference to us, because it’s like trying to think about something else but end up thinking about that one single thing. It’s like allowing someone or any thought to stay in our brain for free.
It is the feeling that develops inside one’s brain, and then takes on to the body gradually.

Free Advise actually makes no difference

People who go through severe depression knows that you can just think in your head that everything is fine, but it’s actually not. What do you think a depressed person doesn’t want to get out of it? Think Positive, Feel Good, Socialize- they get a lot of free advises. Do you think it’s that easy to fight depression?

Treatment differs from person to person
Treatment differs from person to person

Even medical science do not have a particular treatment for depression because it differs from person to person. It doesn’t mean that Depression cannot be treated, but it requires a lot of efforts.
Today, we are living in such a space where people do not feel shy talking about depression. A lot of B- town celebs have also come forward to talk about depression, so that people can fight against it. Actors like Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut have publically shared their experience just to make people aware that it could be cured.

Causes of Depression

There are a number of factors that can increase the chance of depression. Some are as follows:

  • Past experiences: Emotional or physical abuse can have an ever- lasting impact on us.
  • Conflict: Conflict with family and friends can also be a cause of depression. This gives a feeling of alienation and isolation.
  • Death: Death of a closed one can increase the risk of depression.
  • Major Events: Whether good or bad, but major events in life may increase the risk of depression.

Treatment for Depression

It actually differs from person to person, but regular therapies can be really effective. Treatment of depression takes time and commitment so try to learn as much as about your depression. Last but not the least, do not completely rely on medicines get a social support to fight against it.

Social Support is important
Social Support is important

Why today people are more prone to depression?

Today, people are more prone to depression because social media has completely taken over our lives. Although today we are exposed to a lot of information through various mediums, but actually we all are loners. Today everything is just a click away that’s why we all crave for instant gratification, which means high risk of depression. We all are actually running in the race of making everything perfect that’s why it has become very hard to handle emotions for all of us, and this makes all of us more prone to depression.

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