Say Cheese! Debunking 4 Myths on Dental Care for the Perfect Smile   

Be more careful to your oral health because often, if not always, it is related to your overall health

Every day, you take one last look at the mirror before you go and leave your house. Perfectly styled hair, impeccable makeup, and fashionable outfit – ah, you’re ready to hit the streets! You shot a smile at your reflection, and as quickly as it came, your grin turned into a frown. The confidence you had earlier dwindled a little as you realize that maybe, you need some work on your pearls of teeth. Hush, chin up, reliable clinics like iSmile Studio has your back!

But hold up! Sure, you could get your teeth fixed up by the dentist, and soon after, you will be smiling at everyone as much as you want. However, increasing your appeal is not the only thing you should worry about when it concerns your oral hygiene. Instead, you should be more careful of your oral health because often, if not always, it is related to your overall health. Proper oral care means deliberately living a healthy life, and this includes debunking myths on dental care.

Cool means clean

Maybe you’re on your way to a meeting when you realized that you need to freshen up a little. But what if you’re on a rush? Don’t worry! Chewing a piece of gum or taking that mint could be a quick fix! In seconds, the feeling of coolness takes over your mouth, and you think you’re good to go. While this practice could save you a couple of times, depending on minty, chewing gums as your sole oral care activity will do you no good in the long run. Instead, adopt brushing your teeth at certain times of the day, preferably after every meal, to retain your fresh breath.

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Strength is the key

Brushing your teeth is not the same as cleaning the spaces between your bathroom tiles. You can’t go too hard. Applying strength in every stroke doesn’t equate to having cleaner teeth. It wouldn’t help as well if the bristles of your toothbrush are hard, too. It can hurt your dental health through the abrasion of your enamel which, in turn, protects your teeth from cavities and decay.

The root of toothaches

You’ve probably neglected chocolates and lollipops for real food a lot of times, thinking that you’re doing your teeth a favour. You do it for weeks and start seeing that tinge of black. Then, you wonder how you could have cavities when you haven’t been eating sweets at all. Well, the confusion may have come from the idea that sugars are the root of tooth decay. In this case, sugars don’t just refer to sweets but starch and carbohydrates in general. When you don’t brush your teeth regularly, these sugars stick to your teeth and cause cavities.

Opinions of the dentist

A common mistake committed by a lot of people is they only ever visit the dentist when the dental problem is already there. However, most, if not all, dental clinics like iSmile Studio, promote that you consult your doctor in every stage of your oral health. In this way, you and your dentist can predict which dental problems are possible and figure out which practices will help avoid them. While curative measures are always available, it is still better to do everything to prevent unnecessary hassle.

Having good oral hygiene is a great way to be attractive, sure. Still, it serves a purpose far more significant than looking good. It isn’t just about having the whitest and straightest rows of teeth. Instead, being mindful of your oral health is a great way to examine your overall health further and assess your lifestyle. When you’re truly healthy, that’s when your smile would be the most perfect.

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