#Demonetization effect: Frustration goes beyond its level

Demonetization effect: Frustration has crossed its entire limit

It’s almost one month since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced currency ban and gave a shock to every Indian and it seems that Frustration has crossed its entire limit for lot of us. Though people were initially happy with the decision, but the results of demonization have left them frustrated. This decision of Prime Minister came as a shock for a large number of people. For many people it has become the routine to stand in long ques. Cash which is actually present in the accounts but not in the hands of people has become major cause of Frustration.

Although his move was really appreciated by common people earlier, but now people are going through a lot of problems and PM is not able to come up with some handy solutions. People are still struggling with same issues, and long queues are not less than a nightmare for most of us.

After salary day on December 1, it was the lack of cash in ATMs that affected people more than the lines at banks. While in Kerala, some creative people decided to mourn the ‘untimely and sad demise’ of a closed ATM by placing a wreath at its shutter, in Delhi recently, people ended up doing something different.

#Demonetization effect: Frustration goes beyond its level
The endless queues

Puja offered by people to ATMs

People are expressing their aggression differently in different parts of the country. Recently, In East Delhi’s Jagatpuri area, some people who were fed up of No Cash at ATM decided to offer prayers to the machine so that the machine dispense some cash.

According to reports, a local resident said the State Bank of India ATM has stopped since the Prime Minister declared the demonetisation of higher value currency.

#Demonetization effect: Frustration goes beyond its level
Currency ban and issues related to it

One of the aggrieved due to cashless ATMs, was quoted saying that , “Earlier, we used to see couples and elders going for morning and night walk, but now –a- days we can find couples running their vehicles on the streets looking for the ATMs with cash.”

Avoid ‘meetha'(sweet) because it’s no more about salary

‘Meetha hai Khana, aj pehli tareek hai’ is no more about meetha now. In fact to buy sweets you need to first stand in queues. Yes, demonetization has affected our normal lives. Finance Minister Arun Jaitely earlier said that everything will get back to normal with the passage of time, but it seems that there is no ending of struggling phase. Let’s hope for the best!

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