Delivery boy who cheated Flipkart by replacing IPhone is arrested


The delivery boy from Flipkart who was working with a third party vendor has been arrested for cheating the company. The person named B Naveen was held because he replaced iPhones in the orders with the fake phones and further returned it to Flipkart. He has replaced 12 iPhones with the fake phones till now.

Naveen had faked the iPhone orders to the fake address and once he managed to get the package he replaced those with dummy phones and then returned it to Flipkart. While returning the phone he used to cite the reasons to Flipkart that the customer is not satisfied with the product.

This Flipkart employee has started working with the third party logistic firm from three to four months ago. The 21-year-old graduate was recruited in Chennai for the delivery job. He was further arrested after running the scam for quite a few months now. He was arrested on Sunday after the warehouse owner Vetriselvam had lodged a complaint against him.

According to police, First, he use to order one phone using a fake address and then replaced it with a phone, a china’s model which he brought it from Ritchie street and then managed to send it back to the warehouse saying that it was returned by the customer and as he didn’t get caught, he continued to follow it up twice by ordering in bulk.

The company noticed that the number of returns from the one area and found this suspicious. Naveen had almost cost the online e-commerce giants worth 5 lakh rupees.

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