Delhi VS Mumbai: Two beautiful cities which are so different and yet so similar!

National capital v/s financial capital aka Delhi VS Mumbai: which one is better?

Delhi and Mumbai both the cities are best in their own way. The battle of which city is better has continued from long time between the people of ‘dilwalon ki Dilli’ and ‘aamchi Mumbai’ since ages. But we must say both the cities are beautiful enough in their own unique ways. It’s Delhi VS Mumbai so which one is better?

Delhi- The capital of India
Delhi- The capital of India

Both the cities are different from each other but it has some similarities too! So, here are some common links that you can find between the cities:

1. Metro in Delhi, local in Mumbai

Metro and local trains are similar only they have been given different names. But you can’t deny that two cities have got most well developed public transport systems. While the local connects Mumbai like nothing else, the metro in Delhi takes you from one part to another and does it the cheapest! You might not get seats in locals and metros but you cannot deny their usefulness.

2. South Delhi and South Mumbai

This is a common link guys. They are both highly posh, highly expensive areas occupied by people who just cannot imagine how anyone can live in the suburbs and survive. It is actually not different at all!

Beautiful places to visit in Delhi
Beautiful places to visit in Delhi

3. Mumbai’s vada pav and Delhi’s chaat

People of Delhi are crazy for chatpati chaat and people in Mumbai love to eat vada pav. And that just means that street food wins hands-down in both the cities. Local food joints are more appreciated in both the cities. People love to enjoy thelas food rather than food from luxurious hotels.

4. Highly irritating crowds

You can go from Delhi’s Rajeev Chowk to Mumbai’s Dadar, and the one thing that will never change is the bucket-loads of people pushing and hitting you to get inside the train compartment! It’s highly irritating and what you will witness is cat fights every morning. And let’s not forget a similar situation on the roads, whether it’s Bandra or Saket, you will traffic jams.

Mumbai- The city of dreams
Mumbai- The city of dreams
5. Delhi’s Sarojini, Mumbai’s Colaba

Apart from appreciating street foods, both the cities appreciate street shopping too. Sarojini Nagar is Delhi’s largest flea market and Colaba is of Mumbai. Both the cities are ultimate street-shopping destinations! Not just Sarojini and Colaba but also Janpath, Linking Road, Crawford, Chandni Chowk – street shopping is a religion, and we know it all too well!

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