Delhi Smog: Is there any solution?

Delhi Smog: Health Emergency is required in the city 

Diwali is over and Delhi is choking. The air quality of the National Capital has dipped to very poor. The condition is getting worse with each passing year. So, who is responsible for this? There is only one answer to this question  -“We”. Yes, we are responsible for this hazardous health condition. We are just showing concern, but we are not taking any measures, are we? Delhi Smog is a slow poison and can become fatal in a long run. Government’s efforts will go waste if we will not put our efforts as a responsible citizen.


Supreme Court Order was like Dhua – Dhua

Supreme Court’s order was violated all across the country and firecrackers were burnt. Now, the Air Pollution level has become severe, making Delhi World’s most polluted city after Diwali.  People are complaining of chest pain, headache and are not able to breathe properly. Delhi Smog is not happening for the first time. From the past few years, dense smog is observed after the festival of Diwali.

Let’s talk about the solutions

There are so many complaints. But is there any solution? Is there any hope that condition will improve or we all will die? This is not the time to blame each other. In fact, it is the time to find out possible solutions.  After the withdrawal of monsoon, months of October and November bring in pleasant weather, good for outings and picnics. Sadly, there is no pleasant weather for Delhi. In fact, people are advised to stay indoors. A Health emergency is required in the city, especially for the kids.

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There are multiple factors that are contributing to Delhi Smog such as the burning of rice stubble by farmers. Construction work in Delhi/ NCR and a huge number of cars in Delhi.

A ban on burning rice stubble is really important but for that government has to find an alternative solution for disposing of rice stubble. The process could take some time. In that case, we all have to come forth and put in efforts to control air pollution for the sake of our life and for our loved ones.

Here is what all you can do:

1. Do not burn garbage. Dump it but please do not burn it.

2. Use public transport like Metro while going office. Carpool is another good idea.

3. After several requests and orders, people burn crackers. Do not burn crackers they are harming us. We are in danger. Take a call from your heart and say no to crackers.

4. Sprinkle Water nearby your house to settle down the dust

5. Use Mask and keep yourself hydrated to fight back this deadly pollution.

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