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No waiting for BAE at Rajiv Chowk, Metro rides will not be same! 

Delhi Metro might resume its services, but rules will completely change!

One thing people in Delhi are constantly missing is ‘Agla Station Rajiv Chowk hai’. From last 60 days Metro services are shut in Delhi due to COVID 19 outbreak. Delhi Metro carries 1.5 million passengers daily. It comes on the second number in terms of services. Delhi Metro is an integral part of the city. To simply put, Delhi runs on Metro.

DMRC is gearing up to resume services, and people of Delhi desperately want it. On the other hand, Corona cases are soaring in Delhi and we are heading towards lockdown 5!  In that case, DMRC has not got any instructions from government to resume services.  A lot of people travel via metro, it becomes extremely important to think twice before opening for Public.

According to a report, DMRC can resume services in next 48 hours as a mockdrill. Here are a few things that DMRC will change and metro rides will never be same again.

1. No Token Machines: Remember long queues on the token machines and some uncles saying ‘ Beta hamara bhi token nikal do’, especially during festivals. As of now, the token machines will not be used.

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2. No Thoda Adjust kar lo: Passengers will not be allowed to sit closer to each other. In fact, they sit at a distance of 1 metre leaving one sit in between. For a while nobody can say – Thoda Adjust kar lo.

3. You can’t wait for colleagues, friends or even for your BAE at any Metro Station: The waiting ritual will come to an end. According to new rules, nobody will be allowed to wait inside the metro premises. And we are like Corona thoda toh jeene do na?

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4. Food Junctions will not be fully operational:  Let’s have momos, meet me at Rajiv Chowk. Darling this will be a dream now.  Food junctions at metro stations attract a lot of people. In that case, they will not be operational for a while.

5. Amazon Prime App is not important, but you have to download Aarogya Setu : No entry without this app inside the stations. Government has made it mandatory.

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