Delhi Metro Fare hike Row: Where should “Aam Aadmi” go?

Delhi Metro rates to be revised again this October, have a look at the travel alternatives

DMRC is at it yet again, the recent announcement by the Fare Fixation Committee set up by the Central Government has eventually burnt a huge hole in the pockets of the “AamAadmi”. Calling the move “Anti-People”, CM Arvind Kejriwal has sought help from the Transport Minister, Kailash Gahlot and has demanded the roll-back of this move. The last time Delhi Metro fares were increased in May. The minimum fare then was hiked from Rs 8 to Rs 10, whereas the maximum fare was hiked from Rs 30 to Rs 50.


The move is definitely going to cost an arm and a leg for people, especially those who rely on Delhi Metro for commuting and have a tight budget, but here are a few alternatives which one can consider:

    • Jugnoo : This auto rickshaw aggregator app is a savior for many. Operating in 40+ cities now, it lets you book auto rickshaws through the click of a button thus, saving you from getting into a heated argument of using a meter or settling for a price with the auto driver.
    • Orahi : Described as India’s most trusted carpool app, Orahi is an app for “people on the move”. It helps you to connect with people in your neighboring area who wish to carpool. It guarantees features which include flexible timings, choice of co-travelers, cashless payments, women-only groups for travel, mobile alerts, fully verified members, zero entry/exit fee, a compulsion-free service, and upto 100% savings on fuel costs.
Cycling Stops near Metro Station
  • Zoom Car : Self-driven rental car, Zoom Car allows you to pick up a car to drive away without leaving you worried about car insurance, fuel costs, maintenance cost etc. All their cars have pan India license so one can pick them up for long drives too. Enjoy your drive!
    Cycling: This has to be the most eco-friendly mode of commuting in the city. One can even hire cycles on the go from various metro stations located across the country. And in case you forget to hit the treadmill or are unable to find time to go to the gym, just cycle away.
  • Bus : Though traveling in a bus is quite a risky affair given a number of people who keep rolling out of the bus doors, especially during peak hours but this public transport continues to be the cheapest and the most effective mode of commuting in and around the city. Get a bus pass made and enjoy your bus rides.

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