Delhi is witnessing a humongous surge in COVID-19 cases

The coming together of Amit Shah and Arvind Kejriwal against COVID-19 fight is the best thing happened to Delhites in 2020

The country witnessed more than 15,000 new cases on Sunday taking the total coronavirus number to 4,25,282. There are 1,74,387 active cases currently in the state and 2,37,196 people have recovered. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi continue to be the top contributor in the total cases across India. Especially, Delhi has been witnessing a sudden spike in COVID-19 cases since the last 10 days.

The recent increase in COVID-19 cases is mainly due to a consistent surge in New Delhi, which on Saturday, reported 3,630 cases, only little less than Maharashtra. Coronavirus numbers in Maharashtra till now have been way ahead of Delhi.

Numbers of Coronavirus explained

Delhi seems to be catching up fast with Mumbai in terms of the total number of cases and deaths. Till Saturday, Mumbai had a total of 65,329 cases, of which 28,893 were active cases and Delhi had a total of 56,746 infections, of which 23,340 were active cases. 3,561 people have died so far in Mumbai and 2,112 have died in New Delhi.

Delhi has emerged as one of the biggest concerns for the authorities in the efforts to stop the spread of global pandemic COVID-19. Delhi has added 16,292 cases in the last week only which is almost one-third of the total cases of the city. It has also reported more than 800 deaths as well in the last one week. However, many of these deaths happened much earlier but were counted later.

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Only Uddhav Thackeray-led Maharashtra has added more cases and deaths in the last one week. But, the total number of cases in Maharashtra is almost 2.5 times more than Delhi and the growth rate is also slow but Delhi has become one of the fastest-growing states.

COVID-19 cases in India are growing at about 3.60 per cent daily. In Maharashtra, the growth rate is 2.95 per cent right now. Delhi has been growing at 5.52 per cent which is almost 2 per cent more than the national average.

Home Ministry jumped into the fight against COVID-19 in Delhi

After observing things not in control, Union Home Minister Amit Shah himself took charge and took some decisions. The latest directions of the Home Ministry to the Delhi government is to put all the positive COVID-19 cases under mandatory institutional quarantine. The Home Ministry believes that home quarantine was not giving effective results. However, It is not clear if those already under home quarantine will be moved to institutional facilities or not. The Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government had been asking the asymptomatic and mild-symptomatic patients to be in-home quarantine so far.

The new guideline is likely to put more pressure on already strained health resources of the capital city. Delhi has more than 24,500 active cases currently, of which almost 10,500 are under home isolation. At present, Delhi has a total of 17,279 beds in hospitals and dedicated COVID health centres. 7,165 or about 41 per cent are already occupied. If the new rule is to be followed then the entire existing beds will be occupied.

The government has planned to introduce 500 railway coaches for 8,000 COVID-19 beds. Also, banquet halls, large grounds and hotels are expected to be turned into care facilities. These facilities were earlier thought of as a place for people with moderate symptoms but now the DMs will have to send every COVID-19 positive case to these centres.

delhi corona cases

Residents should take more responsibility

There has been a consistent conflict between the Delhi government and the Lieutenant Governor over a number of issues ranging from reserving the Delhi-governed hospital beds for Delhi residents to keeping every COVID-19 positive patient in the institutional quarantine centres and not in home-quarantine. There could not be anything better than Amit Shah and Arvind Kejriwal coming together to deal with the serious situation in New Delhi despite being political-rival.

More than the authorities and government of Delhi, the people of Delhi should be careful about the humongous surge of COVID-19 cases in the capital. It is seen that after the unlock 1.0 people have been taking the deadly infection lightly and not following the precautionary measures. The Delhi government has estimated that there would be about 5.5 lakh cases in New Delhi by the month of July. The residents of Delhi will have to make sure that the estimate of the government goes wrong by taking precautionary measures at the personal level.

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