Deleting ‘Toxic People’ can change your life!

How to spot negative people around you? Say Goodbye to them forever for a better life

Being around toxic people all the time can be really exhausting. They are the ones who can spoil your whole day, let’s not even talk about dealing with them. You will never get to know how to deal with them, so it’s better to delete them from your life. Well, in order to delete them, it is important to first spot them. So, here are few signs that will help you to identify toxic people around you.

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1.The Angry Bird: The one who is always angry on all petty issues. Actually, they are very insecure from inside. Their overconfidence makes up the lack of substance despite which they belief that they are better from others.

2.The Frenemy : On your face they will pretend to be your sweetest friend but at your back they will spread rumors. They can ruin anybody’s life just to get attention from others.

3.The One who keeps judging: There is no harm in holding opinions but judging others for no reason can be really exhausting. If someone keeps judging you, then it’s better to stay away from that person because it can adversely affect your self- esteem.

4.The Blamers: For everything they will blame you, and will prove themselves the most innocent person on this earth. Secretly, these type people have very low self- esteem and they can go to any extent just to defend themselves.

5.The who has ‘J’ factor: J here stands for jealousy factor. Whenever you will be appreciated for any work, they will make you feel that you are not worthy of getting appreciation. And this is not about you, it’s about feeding their own ego. Beware of these people.

Delete them for a better life

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How to delete them from life?

They can make your life havoc and can make you forget your own strengths. It is important to delete them from your life at the right time.

If you don’t meet them on a regular basis, the best way is to cut –off all your contacts with them. And if she or he is your batch mate or your colleague, then you should try minimizing your conversation with them. Do not get personally involved. Keep it professional, do not add them on your social media platforms.

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