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People on the internet explain why ‘Deleting People’ from Life can be Refreshing!

Here is why deleting people from life can be refreshing!

Sometimes deleting people from your life can be refreshing. A lot of times, we delete contacts from our phones because we no longer want them, right? The same thing applies to our life too.  Usually,  We do not delete people from our life because we don’t want to let them go. But what if they are taking a toll on your mental health?  It could be a difficult decision for anyone, but trust us it could be a life-altering decision too. Here are a few reasons why deleting people from life can be refreshing.

Deleting People

Be it a friend, ex-partner, colleague, or any other person who is not adding any value to your life should be deleted from your life. Above all, if the presence of that person in your life takes away your peace and sanity, don’t hesitate to delete them from your life forever. Let us give you an example. Have you ever heard of amputation? When a body part stops working and starts affecting other body parts, then it is usually amputated to save the life of a person.  It is indeed a difficult decision but removal of that particular organ is the only way to save other organs. Once done, all organs get adjusted again.

Similarly, sometimes it becomes extremely important to cut off all ties with a particular person for the sake of your mental health and well being. Once you do that your life changes completely.  You get to know yourself better and focus on things that matter to you!

“Remember a lot of things break your heart but fix your vision.”

Deleting People

But it is not that easy

People on the internet have shared their views on the same.  A lot of them believe it is not that easy to permanently delete a person from your life. After all, we are human beings, not a computer. We do not have an option of “Delete Permanently”. It is extremely difficult to erase all memories and thoughts related to that person.

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What people have shared on the internet: Take a look at these wise words

People on the internet have shared some wise words on deleting a person from your life. Considering that it is not an easy choice to make, there are steps that you can follow. Do not forget that the person you are deleting from your life was once an integral part of your life, right? So take it slow. Take a look at the steps people shared on the internet.

  1. Avoid them:  The first thing you should do – Start avoiding them. Not everyone has the guts to cut off all ties and walk away from a relationship.  If you can’t do that, start avoiding them.  This is the first step of deleting them from your life.
Deleting people
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2. One of the users on Quora wrote, “ Remember one thing, the longer you will stay stuck in a one-sided relationship, the longer you will take to find the right person. It is always best to cut off ties and walk away at the right time or else you will regret it later.” The user further added- “avoid them as much as you. Keep track of when they reach out to you. Do they genuinely want to know about your well-being or they just come back because they know you are available?”

  1. Don’t ask for closure and expect anything to change: A lot of people expect closure but not every relationship ends with closure. With the passage of time you realize, it is not meant for you, right? The right thing to do is ‘Walk Away’ without asking for closure or expecting anything to change.
 Deleting People
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It is okay to ‘RESTART’ your life

Your life should not stop for someone who doesn’t add any value to your life.  Deleting people from your life is refreshing and it is completely okay to restart your life.  If you cut off your ties from someone for the sake of your mental health and well-being, then there should be no added guilt on you! In your life, the most important person is you. Do things for yourself and delete things that don’t matter to you not just from your phone, but from your life too!

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