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Meet Deepti Sadhwani, a woman with wings

From an investment banker to an Artist, Deepti Sadhwani’s journey is a proof that your heart knows the best!

Deepti Sadhwani is an actor-singer- performer and an entrepreneur. Well, this woman is breaking the glass ceiling every single day. She has many feathers on her hat and does everything so nonchalantly that we are kinda jealous of her ( laughs). Recently, we got an opportunity to chat with her. Here is a sneak peek from her unbiased, unfiltered and candid conversation.

Before you read her inspiring story, do not forget to check out her much-awaited track Lala Lala Lohri featuring Deepti & Fazilpuria.


The peppy dancing club song Lala Lala Lori, features actor & Singer Deepti Sadhwani, once again with Fazilpuria. Notably, it is the third track in the row for Deepti Sadhwani and she has been paired opposite Fazilpuria again. The new club beat song is written by Jaani. Released under the banner of White hill production.  And it is a hit already.


Tale of a woman who believed in herself

Coming back to her thrilling journey, Deepti was an investment banker in London. After working for 1.5 years, she decided to resign. Basically, she had everything, a  secure job, a bright future, but her heart belonged to the entertainment industry. One fine day, she decided to take up her passion and left her job.  Deepti recalls it was not an easy decision to make. There were mixed reactions from her family & friends.  There was no Godfather and there was nobody to help her out. But she believed in herself. Fortunately, she has now made a name for herself in the industry.  She has many other projects pipelined.

She will be soon featured in Meet Bros song called Butterfly which is expected to release later this month. Her next project is with Mika Singh – a fast beat Punjabi Hindi number where she is singing and featuring and Mika Singh is rapping in it, releasing on Music and Sound. Other upcoming song is “Tera Chehra” a romantic track composed by Rahul Nair – sung by Deepti and she is featuring in it as well. There are 4-5 more songs that are to be shot and released with Zee Music and T-series which will be revealed soon.

Deepti’s unfiltered take on Nepotism debate

Deepti believes that nepotism exists in every industry. It is not just confined to the entertainment industry. Deepti didn’t have a godfather and she believes your work speaks for yourself. She further added that everyone wants to give a secure future to their kids it comes naturally to human beings. “I am putting a lot of hard work today, and if my child would want to make a career in the same industry, I will help them, right?  But at the same time, I don’t support nepotism. Deliberately talent should not be pulled down and if it is happening, it should definitely stop.” We couldn’t agree more on this take!!!!

There is so much to learn from her career graph, especially for the young women out there. You live only once and we shouldn’t be scared of chasing our dreams. Thank you, Deepti for being such an inspiration.

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