Planning to move in together? Deepika Padukone has important advice to offer!

Deepika Padukone revealed why she didn’t live with Ranveer before marriage

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are the power couple of Bollywood. From their public appearances to social media banters, they give some major couple goals to millennials.  We see Deepika every then and now making public appearances. Recently, she has shot for a magazine cover. During an interaction, she revealed why she didn’t live with Ranveer before marriage.

Deepika revealed why she didn’t live with Ranveer before marriage

Live-in –relationships are the best way to make your relationship stronger. If you are also planning to move in together to explore each other, then Deepika has a piece of important advice to offer. Deepika said she deliberately waited to get married to Ranveer before living with him. She said, “There was a lot of temptation to move away from the traditional, especially for the two of us, who are constantly travelling. But it was important for me, and Ranveer was okay with my choice.”  Deepika further added that it was important for her to make things happen at the time. Its how she has seen her parents, so she didn’t know any other way.”

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According to her if she had started living earlier, then what would they have discovered later. Well, the boss lady has made a valid point. In the era of casual relationships, there is a rush to move in together. But when you hold on, you actually enjoy every bit of it just like Ranveer & Deepika.

The best thing your partner can gift you is to give freedom to ‘Be you’

Ranveer is clearly the biggest cheerleader of Deepika Padukone. Their social media banters are such a pati –patni thing, and we just love it. She also talked about what kind of parents Deepika and Ranveer will make. Deepika has learnt a lot from her parents (both were working). But they managed to give her a life full of dignity, love & compassion. She wants to give to children too- Rooted, Wholesome and secure.

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