An Honest Take on Sudhir Chaudhary and Deepak Chaurasia’s stint at Shaheen Bagh Protest

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Are the people at Shaheen Bagh protest really fierce and dangerous? Know the reality

Two famous Hindi Television news anchors Sudhir Chaudhary from Zee News and Deepak Chaurasia of News Nation collaborated to do ground reporting from Shaheen Bagh. The two senior journalists were not allowed to enter the protest-zone as the protestors chanted “Go back” slogan. Both the prime-time anchors of Zee News and News Nation went to Shaheen Bagh protest to establish a dialogue and put their side of the story.

Earlier on Friday, Deepak Chaurasia was manhandled at the Shaheen Bagh Protest while he was reporting. It was alleged that the cameraperson was also manhandled and his camera was snatched. Deepak himself said that his camera is still with the protestors. He shared a video on his twitter handle.

Majority of media houses criticized the action of Shaheen Bagh protestors and condemned it. Zee News anchor Sudhir Chaudhary was one of them. He then teamed up with the Deepak and reached the protest area on Monday. They tried to talk to the people who were protesting but both the journalists were not allowed to enter the protest area. Sudhir Chaudhary expressed his resentment on Twitter and said: “Should we require a visa to enter in Shaheen Bagh.”

Shaheen Bagh Protest against the CAA and NRC has attracted many eyeballs for women participation. Hundreds of Women are protesting on roads for more than 43 days. Some have praised the protest while others have complained about the traffic and roadblock due to sit-in protest.

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Why protestors didn’t allow two senior journalists at Shaheen Bagh protest?

As per the protestors in Shaheen Bagh, they have boycotted specific media channels for biased and misleading reporting. They also alleged that some media channels represent their side in a misleading way by forging and editing the video. Some of them said that they are ready to talk only if there will be live streaming of the conversation so that it couldn’t be represented in the wrong manner.

In the historical reporting, as both the journalists claimed, two leading news channel anchor coming together for a ground reporting, Sudhir said that the ambience of the protest is fierce and dangerous.

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What is the reality of Shaheen Bagh Protest?

Our reporter also visited the Shaheen Bagh area on Friday to talk to the protestors. We found them overwhelming as they answered our queries about their protest. The possible reason for boycotting Sudhir Chaudhary and Deepak Chaurasia is not just the Shaheen Bagh protest coverage but also the narrative their news organizations have been framing in the last few years.

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