Décor tips for Festive Season

The festive season is around the corner, here are some décor tips

The festive season is around the corner, here are some décor tips:- With Festive season around the corner, it’s again that time of the year when most people think about re-doing the decor of their houses.

Give your space a different look and feel for this special time of year. Rearrange your furniture so the focal point is the fireplace, console or TV. Arrange the furniture to create the best layout for cosy conversations. Stay with one theme and style.

What all can be done?

  • Use of motifs in decor (with special reference to the bedroom)

Motifs add the desired character to the room. Motifs can be added as an inlay on the floor, wallpaper, hand-painting, rugs, wall stickers, door designs and so on. The theme of the room will determine what motif to use. If the theme is speed, add a car or a bike or racing course as wall backdrop. Sports theme can take football-shaped stools, a rug with car print; cricket printed curtains. A Barbie theme will take soft luxurious rugs, pink décor with Barbie or fairyland motifs. The use of motifs creates an illusion of entering into the theme so desired.

  • How to design the dining area for festivities?

Designing your drawing and dining is primarily the most important thing required for any festival season as your guests are generally restricted to these areas. It is advisable to repaint the whole area to get the fresh look but if that is too tedious then just picking up one wall and paint it with bright, happy colour. You can do magic by highlighting one wall with wallpaper. You can make a nice flower arrangement and place it on the table, spread a patterned table runner or add a light above the dining which gives a warm look. Aroma oils and candles give the finishing touch to the required ambience.

Festive season is around the corner, Here are some décor tips

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  • What are the trends in bedroom design this festive season?

To create an aura of festivities in the bedroom, changing the soft furnishings will change the complete ambience. Add a rug, silk bed cover and happy curtains. A flower arrangement can get a happy joy feeling. You can decorate the interiors of the bedroom with the help of flowing chiffon or net. You can decorate wall corners touching the floor with flowers and candles. Adding a table lamp or a hanging light can get mood lighting and enhance the look.

  • What are the various ways in which we can accessorize our bathrooms and bedrooms for the upcoming festive season?

The mirror is an integral element in any bathroom and can work well to give a tiny bathroom a feeling of depth. A stylish mirror will also give the space a luxurious look and feel. Placing attractive candle holders with scented candles, floral arrangements, scented oils, exquisite handmade soaps placed in equally arresting soap holders beside the tub would set the right tone for such a festive feel.. The towel cabinet could also be used to display a few artefacts to lend character to the bath space.

  • Other expert inputs for designing the home during festivities?

More often than not, the house is cleaned from top to bottom; the walls get a fresh coat of paint; old bedspreads, cushion covers and pillow covers are shown the way out; A splash of the latest wall colour here, some spanking new cushions there. It’s always so exciting to give your home a makeover for the festive season. Diwali means light and festivity, so do up the living room in bright, cheery colours like red, orange, pink and yellow.

Festive season is around the corner, Here are some décor tips

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This also enhances the space by making it look bigger. Use a glossy, shiny fabric for your cushion covers and curtains. They will automatically reflect the glow of the diyas and candles you light and make the room look warm and lighting to be done in the shades of yellow and changing the chandeliers and lampshades.

You could use a lot of LED lights to do up the house. Bring a touch of arbitrariness into your home and lean towards a more clean minimalist look

Festival is meaningless without lights and people decorate their home and surroundings with lights and candles.

Electric lights can be used to decorate your living room and if you are a proud owner of a garden, however small or big, even your balcony garden, you can light it up with LED lamp strings which cost very less and consume very less electricity.

Many of us are pinching our pennies these days, so extravagant decorations aren’t at the top of our shopping lists. Luckily, here are some ideas to create beautiful, simple, and affordable DIY decorations

On festive season, you can see different styles and curtain trends available in market. People choose or explore for rich color and patterns for home decoration. This gives your home a festival look and gives privacy along with welcoming look.

Reuse and Recycling can do wonders

Today people like to explore recycle and reuse, you can use your old clothes, Sarees or old dress creatively to make a trendy curtains for Diwali decoration. Beads and multicolored old dupattas can be used to make a flowing decoration and light it up strategically. Cushions or sofa covers can also be made from sarees or dupattas

Bandanwars are traditional door hangings. You can use good luck charms, strips of embroidered cloth and chimes to make your doors ring in the festive frivolity.

Festive season is around the corner, Here are some décor tips

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Hang little bells on your doors which are decorative and this makes your doors ring in new guests into the house.

Bandanwars can be made with craft papers or reusable home decoration items. You can also convert your embroidered or trendy dress to beautiful Bandanwars. You can also use artificial flowers as Bandanwars.

You can also try some fresh ideas. Like go branch hunting outside. Spray-paint the branches in a silver or gold; pop them in a vase and voilà … elegant holiday decor. Take it a step further and dangle some ornaments on them or tie a few bows.

Use natural elements, such as evergreen branches, fruits or colored ribbons with candles. “But always make sure to place candles in separate holders, such as glasses, for safety,”

Take some hanging picture frames and simply frame some pretty holiday paper as artwork. Sometimes you can even find a nice greeting card worthy of being framed and hung.

Take clear vases or bottles, fill them with water, add holiday-colored food coloring — a few drops will do — and float candles in them or just line several up in a row to add a simple, cool holiday accent.

Make Rangoli with a mixed platter of items. Try chalk powder, flower, floating candles, dry coloured wood powder. Apart from adding color, it also gets an ethnic signature feel.

Flowers are another great item to adorn your home and make it look like a paradise. You can buy flowers like roses, lilies and jasmines in dozens. String some of these into garlands and fix them skillfully in your stair handles, on the wall or on the entrance door as ‘toran’s. Attach a string of electric light with each floral strand. It will look magnificent.

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